Panasonic Air Conditioners with Aerowings feature an indoor design with wider intake grille to produce bigger air volume.

Panasonic’s Aerowings feature incorporates two independent blades that concentrate airflow to cool you down in the shortest time possible. This also helps distribute cool air evenly throughout the room.

Superior airflow control.

Aerowings features two independent blades that give you more control over the direction of the airflow.
Without Aerowings, with direct airflow, the target never changes, so you can easily begin to feel too cold as you are subjected to the continuous icy blast.

Comfort that goes on and on with Shower Cooling.

When the Aerowings twin blades direct air towards the ceiling they create the Shower Cooling effect.
For Shower Cooling.
This ensures cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room and you can stay comfortable without experiencing continuous direct cooling.

Etherea range

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