New Etherea with nanoe™ X technology

A smart solution to keep your home clean, comfortable and welcoming

The smart, new Etherea now comes with nanoe™ X technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals. With advanced control options, class-leading performance, a stylish design and intelligent features, Etherea is designed to make your home comfortable, clean and the ideal place to be.

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New design

Sleek design for optimal performance 

Panasonic has meticulously designed a new Etherea for a sleek and stylish solution to blend with any interior. Its elegant monolithic design is robust and allows for a high-performance air conditioner, with a large air discharge area to optimise performance.  

Air Quality

  • nanoe™ X technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals
  • Acts to clean your air, so that the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be all day long

Smart Control

  • Integrated built-in Wi-Fi
  • Advanced control via smartphone
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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High Efficiency

  • Top class energy efficiency up to A+++ in heating and cooling

Ultimate comfort

  • Aerowings 2.0, end-to-end vanes enhance comfortable airflow
  • Super Quiet ambient (19dB(A))

Un confort naturel pour votre intérieur


nanoe™ X: Improving protection 24/7

Acts to clean your air, so that the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be all day long. nanoe™ X works together with heating or cooling function when you are at home and can work independently when you are away. Give the air conditioning the strength to increase the protection at home with nanoe™ X technology and convenient control via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App.

Cleans the air when you are away

Leave the nanoe™ mode ON to inhibit certain pollutants and deodorise before you return home.

Improves your environment when you are at home

Enjoy a cleaner, comfortable space with loved ones.

Advanced smart control and voice assistant

Advanced smartphone control for your air conditioner

Panasonic has dedicated time and resources to developing intelligent technology to improve the experience and offer a range of benefits. Etherea is compatible with Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud app, which is designed to easily manage all system functions via your smart device.

More about Comfort Cloud app

Technology for the ultimate comfort

Introducing the Aerowings 2.0

Panasonic’s Aerowings technology consists of two independent flexible vanes that concentrate airflow to heat or cool a room in the shortest time possible and helps distribute air evenly throughout a room.

Thanks to the larger sub vane (72mm), which is more than doubled in size than other conventional designs, the ability to lift airflow has been further improved.

New diffuse heating 

For heating, Aerowings 2.0 releases a concentrated airflow downwards to achieve an effect similar to floor heating the air, which rises and fills the room.

New Shower Cooling 

Aerowings 2.0 has a new shower cooling feature which allows air flow to be concentrated evenly towards the ceiling to achieve comfortable cooling across a room, showering gently down into a room rather than one area subject to a continuous icy blast. 

Ultimate comfort and highly energy efficiency

Sleek design with easy-to-use remote controller 

The easy-to-use remote controller features an ergonomic design with tapered rear housing for the most comfortable grip. The new controller’s intuitive design provides easy operation with five quick access keys for convenient use. The controller also has a minimalist design with the less frequently used keys concealed under a sliding cover.

Highly energy efficient for all your needs 

If air conditioning requirements exceed the scope of a single room, Panasonic offers an extensive range of possibilities with a multi split solution. 

The multi split solution offers high flexibility, as 2 to 5 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. The wide range of compatible indoor units includes Etherea and TZ wall mounted units, floor console and ducted unit.

R32 refrigerant environmental friendly

R32, an innovative refrigerant in all ways imaginable: it is easy to install, and compared to most other refrigerants it has a much lower environmental impact and saves energy.

The result? Greater wellbeing for people and for the planet.