System:  MDF/MDC06E3E5
Inst. kapacity:  At the moment 25 units are installed and 19 sets are planned to install till the end of this year. The next year they are planning to install more 33 pcs.
Installation year: 2015/2016 
The magistral gas infrastructure is available, but the project developer has chosen the alternative green energy. Every client is self-sufficient and doesn't depend on the central heating system.

Project challenges: 
 The project consists of 77 3 row houses. The heating area of each house is 120m2. Solution: the floor heating is on the first and second floors, but there are radiators on the third floor. The 160L water boilers are installed at the first 18 houses, but the  PAW-TD20B8E3-NDS Nordic Tanks are installed to the rest homes.
Energy demand for the project:  The planned heating and hot water preparation costs are 33 Eur per month (400 Eur per year).
Controlls used: 
3rd party comments: 
Panasonic distributor:  RIKON AC
Installer: The project was started by Bitofix , but the bet the company Climatika continues it.
Project owner: RIKON AC

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