Air Handling Unit Kit 10-25 kW for PACi

New AHU Kit connects PACi outdoor units to Air Handling Units system
The Panasonic AHU Kits offer a wealth of connectivity possibilities so can be easily integrated into many systems. Application: Hotels, offices, server rooms or all large buildings where air quality control such as humidity control and fresh air and is needed.
1. Remote control CZ-RTC4
2. New plastic IP 65 Box
3. PAW-T10 PCB for dry contact
4. 0-10V demand control PCB
5. Intelligent thermostat for:
  • Cold draft prevention
  • Outdoor temperature shift compensation
6. Terminal base for sensors and power supply

PCB, Power trans, Terminal block
Thermistor x2
(Refrigerant: E1, E3)
(Air: TA; 1 sensor)
Standard wired remote controller.
Can be installed inside the box.
The new Air Handling Unit Kit has been developed to better meet customer demand:
  • IP 65 Box in order to be installed outside
  • 0-10V demand control (included on the CZ-CABP2 PCB)*
  • Easy control by BMS
* Only available with Elite PACi, up to from 6kW to 14kW.
1. Air Handling Unit Kit PAW-280PAH2 / 2. Controller wiring CZ-RTC4 (Optional) / 3. I/D-O/D wiring / 4. Wiring for Thermostat & Solenoid Valve / 5. Piping / 6. PACi / 7. Air Handling Unit
Optional parts: Following functions are available by using different control accessories

CZ-RTC4 Timer remote controller
  • Operation-ON/OFF
  • Mode select
  • Temperature setting
* Fan operation signal can be taken from the PCB.

CZ-T10 terminal
  • Input signal= Operation ON/OFF
  • Remote controller prohibition
  • Output signal= Operating-ON status
  • Alarm output (by DC12 V)

PAW-OCT, DC12 V outlet. OPTION terminal
  • Output signal= Cooling / Heating/Fan status
  • Defrost
  • Thermostat-ON
PAW-T10, PCB to connect to T10 connector
  • A Dry contact PCB has been developed to easily control the unit
  • Input signal operation ON/OFF
  • Remote control prohibition
  • Output signal operation ON status maximum 230 V 5 A (NO/NC)
  • Output signal alarm status maximum 230 V 5 A (NO/NC)
  • Additional available contacts:
- External humidifier control (ON/OFF) 230 VAC 3 A
- External fan control (ON/OFF) 12V DC
- External filter status signal potential free
- External float switch signal potential free
- External leakage detection sensor or TH. OFF contact potential free (possible usage for external blow out temperature control)