Aquarea PV Panels

Aquarea heat pumps are designed with the future in mind. They can synchronise with PV panels with simple CZ-NS4P PCB. Thanks to this feature, demand of heating, cooling and domestic hot water production is adapted to the PV panel production.

A part of converting Aquarea in Smart Grid ready, the additional PCB allows 0-10V control, for and advanced energy management.

How Panasonic contributes to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)

Panasonic is committed to develop products with greater energy efficiency. 

Our expertise gained over the years has helped to launch a range of products that contribute to a more carbon-free society.

Highly efficient Panasonic solutions can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the house:

· Aquarea High performance heat pump for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production

· Aquarea Smart Cloud, for energy monitoring

· Heat recovery ventilation system

· PV panels to produce renewable energy on-site

H3 Grande Passive House, Poland.

When looking for a energy-efficient heating solution, Polish construction company Procyon selected a 5 kW Panasonic Aquarea High Performance heat pump for its passive house project, H3 Grande. Procyon found this solution reduced annual heating expenses by almost half compared to an oil-based system, or by 10 % in comparison to natural gas.

H3 Grande is a 175 m² detached house certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI) in Darmstadt. It is designed to minimise energy losses while incorporating an attractive, yet simple aesthetic. The building’s shape, interior design and pitched roof contribute to the energy balance of the house, while large south-facing windows and wall insulation provide passive thermal comfort by retaining heat. The building has very low heating demand of approximately 15 kW/m² and is designed to minimise energy.