Your entire hotel with maximum savings, maximum control and maximum comfort

Panasonic helps your entire hotel achieve maximum savings, maximum control and maximum comfort.
Panasonic offers the widest range in HVAC, DHW and ventilation available. That enables us to offer the most suitable solution to ANY project. And this all with the peace of mind provided by a fast customer service which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The energy savings provided by our solutions, plus the available choice between electricity and gas, will enable you to reduce your CO2 emissions.
Panasonic solutions not only ensure a higher customer satisfaction but also the peace of mind that the wide Panasonic experience brings about in this field, plus a lower energy bill.
1. Hydronic units. For obtaining hot and cold water for heating and refrigeration (Aquarea Air radiators, underfloor heating, radiators...)
2. Domestic Hot Water production. DHW with Aquarea or ECO G.
3. AHU Kit. Increase the efficiency of an installation with the use of AHU ventilation, a wide range of air curtains and energy recovery ventilation system.
4. Hibride Solution
  • Gas + Electric: When high quantity of hot cold water is needed.
  • ECO G (Gas heat pump)
  • Water heat exchanger
  • Aquarea HT to produce hot water up to 65°C
  • Air Handling Unit kit to connect the ECO G to the Air Handling Unit
  • PKEA wall mounted to cool the server rooms efficiently
5. Full Electric Solution 2 and 3 way. When flexibility is needed and electricity power availability is not issue.
  • Ecoi (Electric VRF)
  • Direct expansion indoor units
  • Air Handling unit kit to connect the ECOi to the Air Handling unit
  • PKEA wall mounted to cool the server rooms efficiently
  • New Panasonic Pump Down System: Detect refrigerant leakage and activate pump down solution.
1. Additional available space. Due to the modularity applied to our systems, our customers have freed space for public use: Terraces, swimming pools, meeting rooms, parkings.
2. Cutoff valves. When there are plans for future expansion, the installation can be built using the units sized for future expansion requirements.
3. Wide range of indoor units. Complete range of indoor units that fits any need. All units provided with supply air temperature sensor and low operation sound level to warranty maximum guests comfort. From 1,5kW up to 30kW.
4. PKEA indoor unit for server room. Steady cooling, nonstop, even at -20°C and still with high efficiency. Ready for continuous operation and easily to connect 2 systems to automatically alternate and smartly keep cooling server room with maximum warranties.
5. Control your way. Wide variety of controls, from simply user control to remotely full system control. Touch panel, web server, consumption control, smartphone control... everything is possible.
6. Protocol friendly. Great flexibility for integration into your KNX / EnOcean / Modbus / LonWorks / BACnet projects allows fully bi-directional monitoring and control of all the functioning parameters. Range of solutions to control locally or remotely the full system in bi-directional.
7. Air Curtain with DX Coil. The Panasonic range of air curtains is designed for smooth operation and efficient performance.
8. Maximum savings on hot water production. Hot water for swimming pool, spa and laundry for free thanks to the residual heat generated by the ECO G units.