360º Air Flow 4 Way 90x90 Cassette PACi Standard and Elite

4 Way 90x90 Cassette. Wide & Comfortable Airflow
This proprietary design provides a wide and very comfortable airflow. The cassette’s wide-angle discharge outlets and flaps are larger in the middle, featuring a shape that was selected based on geometrics and testing of actual prototype units. Air coming out of the center of the discharge outlets travels farther. From the sides of each outlet, where the openings are larger, airflow spreads out to reach the corners of the room. Air is discharged across a wide area from the four sides of the unit. The curves on the room temperature distribution graph expand gently out through 360° in a circle centered on the indoor unit.
A: Higher efficiency split fin.
Improved heat-transfer coefficient due to adoption of high efficiently grooved heat exchanger tube. 

B: High-efficient & Silent turbo Fan.
The newly developed larger fan chassis and optimised design of the airflow path has resulted in increased air volume and quieter performance.
C: New DC-Fan motor.
Optimum airflow is achieved by a new DC-fan motor with independent control.

Individual flap control.
Flexible Air flow direction control by individual flap control is possible. 4 Flaps can be controlled individually by setting on wired timer remote controller. It can make more flexible Air-flow control to be matched to several demands in a room.
New 360º Air Flow for improved comfort
The new air-outlet and flaPdesign creates a soft and gentle air flow which circulates throughout the whole space and provides an even temperature distribution in the room. 

A: Current Model
B: 360º Air Flow
Flexible 3D air-flow control
Comfort air flow control & proper energy use. Flexible Air flow direction control by individual flap control: 
  • 4 Flaps can be controlled individually (by standard wired remote controller*).
  • Versatile air flow control to cover a wide variety of demands.
A: Outlet A: Swing (only upper)
B: Outlet B: Fix to upper
C: Outlet C: Swing 
D: Outlet D: Fixed to Lower

* Pre-setting is required for this function at System Test-run procedure.
High-Ceiling Installation (Up to 5 m for 100 PU and higher models)
The units can be installed in rooms with high ceilings, where they provide ample floor-level heating in the winter. (See ceiling height guidelines below.) 

High ceiling (Factory settings) 
A: Capacity: 60 PU, 71 PU
1: 3.0 m 
B: Capacity: 100 PU, 125 PU, 140 PU
2: 3.6 m
C: 4-way discharge high ceiling settings²
3: 4.5 m 

D: 3-way discharge with the optional air-blocking materials
4: 4.7 m
E: 2-way discharge with the optional air-blocking materials
5: 5 m
Ceiling height guidelines
Settings*: Indoor unit: 60PU-71PU
4-way discharge: Factory settings*: 3.0 / High ceiling setting*: 3.3 / High ceiling setting**: 3.6
3-way discharge (optional air-blocking materials): 3.8
2-way discharge (optional air-blocking materials)**: 4.2 

Settings*: Indoor unit: 100PU, 125PU, 140PU
4-way discharge: Factory settings*: 3.6 / High ceiling setting*: 3.9 / High ceiling setting**: 4.5
3-way discharge (optional air-blocking materials): 4.7
2-way discharge (optional air-blocking materials)**: 5.0 

* When using the unit in a configuration other than the factory settings, it is necessary to make settings on site to increase airflow. 
** Use air-blocking materials (CZ-CFU2) to completely block two discharge outlets for 2-way airflow.
Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
The flap can be removed easily for washing with water.

A suction grill enables to make 90-degree turns. 
Lighter and Slimmer, Easier Installation A lightweight unit at 24 kg, the unit is also very slim with a height of only 256 mm, making installation possible even in narrow ceiling voids.

A Drain Height of Approx. 850 mm from the Ceiling Surface
The drain height can be increased by approximately 350 mm over the conventional value by using a high-lift drain pump, and long horizontal piping is possible.
Drain Pump of about 850 mm from the ceiling surface
A: Only 256 mm*
B: Up to 300 mm
C: Up to 850 mm 

* For 6.0 kW/7.1 kW
Low-Profile 33.5 mm Panel
Protrusion of 33.5 mm
The square panel integrates seamlessly with the ceiling. Discharge outlets close when the unit is stopped.
A: One of the industry’s thinnest panels
New design
Wide direction air discharge by outlet design.
The Circle Flow Flap and re-designed air-outlet eliminate airflow along recessed parts of the ceiling which reduces contamination. If air flows only along these recessed parts, they will quickly become dirty.
The new, improved air outlet design therefore greatly reduces dirt accumulation. 

Dirt collects on the ceiling
A: Airflow of conventional models
B: Airflow image from the new model