Panasonic Aquarea DHW

Domestic Hot Water Tanks

DHW tank with built-in Heat Pump. The Heat Pump is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective methods of water heating. The pump is mounted on the storage tank and draws energy from the ambient air, using that extra energy source to heat the water up to 55°C.
Floor standing at -7 °C Aquarea DHW
Hight capacity: 200/273l.
The new designed DHW is ready to achieve levels of high efficiency even at temperatures as low as -7 °C. With 200l and 273l volumes of hot water capacity, with this range it is possible to connect additional heat source such as solar energy. The heat pump cools and de-humidifies the air pumped either from outdoors or from within the building. By choosing the point of air capture and exhaust, you can ventilate and de-humidify some rooms, while extracting the cooled air either into the environment or into another room that you with to cool.

Technical focus
  • Energy efficiency A class
  • 119,1 % Energy efficiency ηwh¹
  • 1.204,2 kWh AEC annual electricity consumption¹
  • 6,57 kWh Daily electricity consumption Qelec²
  • 55 °C Thermostat temperature settings
  • 0 Value of smart
1) EU Regulation 812/2013 ; EN 16147:2010. 2) EN 16147:2010.
Wall mounted Aquarea DHW
Mid Capacity: 80/100/120l.
Designed for maximum energy savings, Aquarea DHW’s new medium tank volume has been designed as a perfect replacement for the electric water heater, available in 80, 100 and 120l. The conventional medium tank volume has been boosted with a heat pump generator, which delivers superior energy performance. The air-to-water heat pump design with air ducts enables the selection of inlet and outlet points for the air, which allows it to be used in various parts of the home (kitchen, bathroom, sunrooms, etc.).

Technical focus
  • Capacity: 80, 100 and 120 litres
  • Vertical Wall mounting
  • Operating range from -7°C to +35°C
  • LCD touch screen display
  • Refridgerant R134a
  • Additional electrical heater
  • Legionella control program

New Aquarea DHW Advantages

Up to 75% of energy savings
High-technology rotational compressor ensures higher energy efficiency and a higher coefficient of performance, which means major energy savings – up to 75 percent.
External exchanger
Wrapped around the inside of the outer cover of the tank, it prevents the build-up of limescale, extends the useful life of the equipment and improves safety.
Smart solution for small premises
The dimensions and heating capability of a medium volume Aquarea DHW tank can easily replace an existing electric water heater. Its small size allows it to be installed in spaces where previously a conventional electric water heater would be installed.
Double protection anticorrosion
Impressive tank protection is provided through the use of superior super-clean enamel and a large magnesium element. These ensure durability even in the harshest operating conditions without harmful additives in the water.
Electronic Controller with LCD Touch Screen Display
User-friendly electronic controller with LCD touch screen display on Aquarea DHW:
  • Temperature settings and display
  • Time and day settings and display
  • Display of available hot water
  • Time and day programming
  • Fast heating “TURBO” mode
  • Heating on higher temp. (75°C)
  • Setting a several day absence
  • Independent ventilation function
  • Error diagnostic
Air Ducts
Modern buildings are characterized by tightly sealed windows and doors, and efficient wall insulation. Aquarea DHW makes it possible to ventilate the home while using the exhaust hot air for the heating of domestic water at the same time. Cool air can be piped out of the building or into any part of the home that requires cooling. Aquarea DHW design further serves to preserve the functionality of the room in which it is installed.

Example of ventilation with air ducts connection to Aquarea DHW
Wall mounted bathroom examples
The wall-mounted unit takes up warm, moist air, cools it down and pumps it outside the bathroom.

Wall mounted heat pumps allows connecting air ducts to the heat pump and therefor possibility of selecting inlet and outlet air points.
Floor standing at -7 °C Aquarea DHW
  1. Air duct – cold air
  2. Digital controller
  3. Electric heater
  4. Protective magnesium anode
  5. Air duct – warm air
  6. Heat pump aggregate with rotation compressor
  7. Polyurethane insulation (CFC free)
  8. Heat exchangers
  9. Enamelled tank
  10. Temperature sensor protection tube
  11. Wrap around condenser
  12. Inflow of cold water
    Wall mounted Aquarea DHW
    1. Heat pump aggregate with rotation compressor
    2. Air ducts
    3. Enamelled tank
    4. Polyurethane insulation (CFC and HCFC free)
    5. Temperature sensor protection tube
    6. Protective magnesium anode
    7. Heating flange
    8. Wrap around condenser
    9. Electronic controller with LCD touch display