PRO-HT Tank Series for ECOi

Maximum 75°C water outlet temperature

PRO-HT Tank DHW. Big volume and high temperature tank for commercial application


High performance and high saving
· A7 COP 4,80 for ECOi 2-Pipe, 6,70 for ECOi 3-Pipe in case of heat recovery
· System label maximum A+++ (scale from A+++ to G)
· Efficient hot water production by heat recovery
· High temperature hot water without booster
· Save installation time 2 cost by skipping additional accessories


Hot water production with simultaneous heating and cooling
· Maximum water outlet temperature up to 75°C
· Big volume tank of 1 000L capacity
· Heat exchanger design prevents limescale


Trusted quality
· Double tube heat exchanger following drinking-water regulation
· Tank and heat exchanger made with stainless steel
· Internal and external pickling

Solution example DHW tank 1 000L + ECOi 3-Pipe mixed system

· Ideal offer for hotel projects
· DHW production under spontaneous heating and cooling
· Hot water up to 65°C is efficiently produced by heat recovery
· A7 COP 6,70 considering heat recovery

  1. Heating mixing valve
  2. Hot water outlet pipe
  3. Solenoid valve
  4. Liquid pipe
  5. Discharge pipe
  6. Suction pipe
  7. City water pipe inlet pipe

One by one system compatible list with ECOi

  • Tank type: DHW
  • Product compatibility: U-10ME2 (2-Pipe)
  • Hot water outlet temperature: 75°C

  • Tank type: DHW
  • Product compatibility: U-10ME2 (2-Pipe) / U-16MF3 (3-Pipe)
  • Hot water outlet temperature: 75°C / 65°C

Enjoy an efficient DHW and heating and cooling tank

Panasonic commercial PRO-HT Tank solutions meet all needs of your hot water applications providing maximum water temperature 75°C.

High temperature hot water is efficiently produced without any boosters.
Panasonic commercial PRO-HT Tank solutions can be combined with ECOi 2-Pipe and 3-Pipe to adapt various projects from high-end residentials to offices and hotels.