VRF Floor Console

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Stylish and simple

· Clean and modern European design with slim depth
· Modern matt white color panel
· Washable air filter

The stylish and compact unit profile, also used for residential market range, is easy to integrate into any design of building.

W x H x D = 750 x 600 x 207mm
High end residential.
Cafe / Restaurant.


Flexible easy installation

Four different mounting styles possible:
· Exposed (floor or wall)
· Semi-recessed
· Recessed
Floor Installation
Wall Installation
  1. Mounting plate (accessory)
  2. Molding
  1. 70mm or more
The compact unit can be installed within a limited space, such as under a window. Thus, it is a perfect solution to replace an existing boiler system radiator.


Functions for comfort

· Double Air Flow direction to maximize comfort
· Self-cleaning function
· Compatible with New Commercial WLAN Adaptor for cloud control

Self-cleaning function.
· Self cleaning function can be pre-scheduled with remote controller, up to a maximum of 90 minutes following cooling/dry operation
· Air flow will not blow directly at occupants during self-cleaning

Double Air Flow direction.
Cooling Mode
Heating Mode