Unités extérieures PACi. Concept d'économie d'énergie

Product quality and safety. All Panasonic air conditioners undergo strict quality and safety tests before sale. This rigorous process includes obtaining all necessary safety approvals, to ensure that all air conditioners we sell are not only built to the highest market standards, but are also completely safe.

Econavi sensor (optional)
Control from everywhere
5 Years Warranty

PACi Standard: For economy and value

With high quality design and engineering, the PACi Standard is the perfect solution for projects which demand quality on a limited budget. In addition, its compact size and light weight make it ideal for installations with limited space including small commercial and residential applications.
The outdoor unit is much more compact than the previous model. The slim and lightweight design means the PACi outdoor unit can be installed in a number of situations. On the 12,5kW (996 x 940 x 340mm).

PACi Standard. From 6,0 to 14,0kW.
  • Good balance, system cost vs energy efficiency
  • Top class SEER/SCOP as a Standard Inverter category
  • SEER: A++ / SCOP: A+ at 10,0kW (in 90x90 Cassette)
  • Interchangeable controller with ECOi
  • Compact outdoor units
  • Twin connection possible
  • Cooling operation up to -10°C
  • Heating operation up to -15°C
  • Compact outdoor units
  • Auto restart from outdoor unit
  • Twin, Triple and Doble-Twin connection possible

PACi Elite: Newly designed next generation of commercial air conditioning

Outstanding performance at low temperatures, high energy efficiency, power consumption in remote control display. Energy-saving concept. The use of energy saving design for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors and heat exchangers resulted in high COP value which ranked as one the top class in the industry. In addition, use of highly efficient R410A refrigerant reduces CO2 emission and lowers operating costs.

PACi Elite. From 3,6 to 25,0kW.
  • Meeting all necessary safety approvals to ensure quality and safety
  • Top-class SEER: A++ / SCOP: A++ at 10,0kW (in 90x90 Cassette)
  • Cooling operation is possible when outdoor temperature as high as 46°C
  • DC inverter technology combined with R410A for excellent efficiency
  • Cooling operation is possible when outdoor temperature as low as -15°C
  • Heating operation is possible when outdoor temperature as low as -20°C
  • Compact outdoor units
  • Auto restart from outdoor unit
  • Twin, Triple and Doble-Twin connection possible

New Panasonic Mini PACi Series PE2

New outdoor PACi Elite from 3,6kW to 6,0kW and PACi Standard 6,0kW to 7,1kW, all made in Japan.
Fully new outdoor design with last generation compressor. Higher performance and better partial load. Includes control consumption, 0-10V demand control and all latest remote controller’s functionalities.

Higher efficiency:
  • New heat exchanger
  • New and bigger fan
  • New Panasonic Compressor
  • New chassis

New Big PACi Elite

New PACi 8 and 10HP are designed to adapt to current and most demanding commercial needs. Ready to connect to 1 big ducted indoor unit up to 4 indoor units.

Large capacity PACi Elite. Trusted power and high efficiency:
  • Higher efficiency
  • Better partial load (10% ~ 100%)
  • More flexible piping
  • Bluefin anti-rust coating
  • 0-10V control demand
  • Energy saving functions
  • AHU connection kit
  • From 1 to 4 indoor units

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