Thanks to Panasonic's Aquarea Heat Pump Range, switching technologies from traditional systems powered by Mains Gas, Oil or L.P.G to an Air Source Heat Pump has never been easier and can deliver cost savings, improve the overall heating performance and most importantly lower the sound levels produced.

Heat Pumps transfer heat into your homes by absorbing the heat from the outside climate, drawing air over a heat exchanger and tranferring this to your home using a fan system.

This heat is then pumped indoors to be used for space heating and domestic hot water.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps circulate water through the heating and hot water systems, the same way as a traditional boiler would. However, the only difference being that Heat Pumps are much more efficient than the standard boiler.

Once the heat pump has circulated the hot water, it will continue to disperse throughout radiators, under floor heating pipes and taps. Your domestic hot water will be stored in a hot water tank as usual and is ready for use as and when needed.

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Adapts to your home

Over 80% savings on your energy bill

More comfort

Space-savings solutions

** Against direct electric

According to independent tests, the Panasonic Aquarea J Generation R32 Mini Monobloc Range and the 16 kW Bi-Bloc T-Cap Super Quiet Air-to-Water Heat Pumps have been confirmed to have impressively low levels of noise when in operation.

Sound Level Comparison

50 dB(A)


55 dB(A)

Electric Toothbrush

60 dB(A)

Normal Conversation

65 dB(A)


Sound Levels
Model Independent Test Result - Sound Power Full Load (rounded up figure) dB(A) Independent Test Result - Sound Power Quiet Mode 3 (rounded up figure) dB(A)
WH-MDC05J3E5 60
WH-MDC07J3E5 61
WH-MDC09J3E5 65
WH-MXC09J3E5 61
WH-MXC12J6E5 63 55
WH-MDC12H6E5 --- ---
WH-MDC16H6E5 --- ---
WH-MXC16H9E8 --- ---
WH-MHF09G3E5 59
WH-MHF12G6E5 67 ---
WH-UD03JE5 56
WH-UD05JE5 60
WH-UD07JE5 63 62
WH-UD09JE5-1 66
UX09HE5 64
UX12HE5 66
UX16HE5 68 65
WH-UQ09E8 57 55
WH-UQ12E8 61
WH-UQ16E8 62 58
WH-UD12HE5 --- ---
WH-UD16HE5 68 65

Panasonic is a world leader within the heating and cooling industry, with over 60 years of experience in producing innovative products.

The company invests heavily in R&D to develop new solutions to advance the market, with a huge emphasis on environmental impact, hence the investment in emerging low carbon technologies such as air source heat pumps. As many of us get used to the reality of spending more time at home, the benefits of having a quiet, yet extremely efficient heating and domestic hot water system have become more obvious.

To get the most of your heat pump you can connect your Aquarea Heat Pump to the Aquarea Smart Cloud. The Smart Cloud is a powerful and intuitive service designed to help remotely control Aquarea heat pumps from, anywhere, 24/7.

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Case Study

Marina Village, Greystones, in Ireland is a new development by Bridgedale Homes.

Bridgedale Homes tasked Heat Merchants, the national heating, plumping and renewable energy specialists, with designing and supplying an energy efficient heating and hot water solution to each home in the village. The Panasonic High Temperature Monobloc Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump was specified because of its phenomenal A++ energy efficiency rating, low running, costs, and ease of installation.

**Max Value is 130 euros per ticket. Plus access to the Members Club, and dinner/drinks to max euros per person.