Low Static Pressure Hide Away Inverter • R32

Low static pressure hide away with compact indoor unit only 200m high

Designed for homes, offices, retail and restaurants, this duct is ideal for small rooms where the air conditioning and the heating should be nicely integrated and where high comfort and efficiency is needed.
The duct can also be connected to KNX, Modbus interfaces for easy integration with your BMS systems. This interfaces have dry contacts (ON/OFF, error message) for easy integration.

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Low Static Pressure Hide Away Inverter • R32
5.1 kW
Kit KIT-Z50-UD3
Cooling capacity (Nominal) kW 5,10
Cooling capacity (Min) kW 0,90
Cooling capacity (Max) kW 5,70
EER (Nominal) (1) W/W 3,27
EER (Min) (1) W/W 3,53
EER (Max) (1) W/W 3,20
SEER (2) 5,90 A+
Pdesign (cooling) kW 5,10
Input power cooling (Nominal) kW 1,56
Input power cooling (Min) kW 0,26
Input power cooling (Max) kW 1,78
Annual energy consumption cooling (3) kWh/a 303,00
Heating capacity (Nominal) kW 6,10
Heating capacity (Min) kW 0,90
Heating capacity (Max) kW 7,20
Heating capacity at -7°C kW 4,50
COP (Nominal) (1) W/W 3,35
COP (Min) (1) W/W 3,46
COP (Max) (1) W/W 3,27
SCOP (2) 4,10 A+
Pdesign at -10°C kW 4,00
Input power heating (Nominal) kW 1,82
Input power heating (Min) kW 0,26
Input power heating (Max) kW 2,20
Annual energy consumption heating (3) kWh/a 1366
Indoor unit CS-Z50UD3EAW
External static pressure (Min) (7) Pa 15
External static pressure (Max) (7) Pa 50
Indoor power source V 230
Indoor air flow (Cool) m³/min 15,3
Indoor air flow (Heat) m³/min 15,3
Moisture removal volume L/h 2,8
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Hi) (4) dB(A) 39
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Lo) (4) dB(A) 29
Indoor sound pressure (Cool -Q-Lo) (4) dB(A) 26
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Hi) (4) dB(A) 39
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Lo) (4) dB(A) 30
Indoor sound pressure (Heat -Q-Lo) (4) dB(A) 27
Indoor dimension (Height) mm 200
Indoor dimension (Width) mm 750
Indoor dimension (Depth) mm 640
Indoor net weight kg 19
Outdoor unit CU-Z50UBEA
Outdoor power source V 230
Outdoor recommended fuse A 16
Outdoor connection indoor / outdoor mm² 4 x 1,5 ~ 2,5
Outdoor air flow (Cool) m³/min 39,7
Outdoor air flow (Heat) m³/min 38,6
Outdoor sound pressure (Cool -Hi) (4) dB(A) 48
Outdoor sound pressure (Heat -Hi) (4) dB(A) 48
Outdoor dimension (Height) (5) mm 695
Outdoor dimension (Width) (5) mm 875
Outdoor dimension (Depth) (5) mm 320
Outdoor net weight kg 43
Pipe diameter (Liquid) Inch (mm) 1/4 (6,35)
Pipe diameter (Gas) Inch (mm) 1/2 (12,70)
Pipe length range m 3 ~ 30
Elevation difference (in/out) (6) m 20
Pipe length for additional gas m 7,5
Additional gas amount g/m 15
Refrigerant (R32) / CO2 Eq. kg / T 1,13 / 0,763
Operating range (Cool - Min) °C -10
Operating range (Cool - Max) °C +43
Operating range (Heat - Min) °C -15
Operating range (Heat - Max) °C +24
(1) EER and COP calculation is based in accordance to EN14511.
(2) Energy Label Scale from A+++ to D.
(3) The annual energy consumption is calculated in accordance to EU/626/2011.
(4) The sound pressure of the indoor unit shows the value measured of a position of 1,5m below the unit with 1m duct on the suction side and 2m duct on the discharge side. For outdoor unit 1m in front and 1m in rear side of main body. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with JIS C 9612.
(5) Add 100mm for indoor unit or 70mm for outdoor unit for piping port.
(6) When installing the outdoor unit at a higher position than the indoor unit.
(7) The specification listed on the table indicates values under the condition of 25Pa (2,5mmAq) which are applied for factory default setting. Change switch on PCB from Hi to S-Hi to have more than 6,0mmAq.

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