Le Centurie Centro Commerciale (Italy)

Air Conditioning System: VRF 3-Way ECOi MF1 Series: 18 systems
Cooling Capacity: 656 kW / 186 USRT
Indoor Units:
4-Way Cassette: 6 units
High- & mid-static ducted: 51 units
Ventilation System:
ERV ZDY2 series: 46 units
Control System:
Wired remote controller: 51 units
T10 connection for ERV: 36 points
Intelligent controller: 2 systems

Opened in 2012, Le Centurie is a shopping complex located in the province of Padua in northeastern Italy. So that it could integrate with a surrounding area rich in historical buildings, the mall was built primarily with natural materials. Just over half of its total area of 40,000 m² is devoted to merchandising, with 40 commercial spaces offering fashion, electronics, homeware, and health and beauty products.