New Aquarea All in One compact and easy to install

New All in One hydromodule + 200l tank
Panasonic has developed a highly efficient solution, easy to install.
Furthermore, Panasonic has developed a range of controllers which allows the control of 2 heating zones, bivalent and cascade systems.
Line up: 3, 5, 7, 9kW with 12, 16 kW Single Phase and 9, 12, 16kW Three Phase.
*Preliminary design. Significant changes may occur.
1 Highly efficient solution
Easy installation
A class pump
200l Tank included
Easy integration of the HPM remote control

High efficiency solution

The best of Panasonic:
  • Best stainless steel tank with high insulation to reduce energy losses
  • High exchange surface to increase efficiency
  • Best performing Aquarea hydraulic module to heat the water.

Connectivity Possibilities
3 Remote controls can be installed:
  • New Remote control. New function for customer:
    - Auto Mode for Heating and Cooling mode
    - How to show Energy Consumption
    - How to set Holiday Mode
  • Heat pump Manager for more then 600 installations possible (as 2 zone control, Bivalent, etc.)
  • Heat pump Manager with touch screen LCD.
Aquarea All in One Bi-Bloc (Inverter)
1. High Performance
2. T-CAP