Aquarea T-CAP

For retrofit and new builds, install the T-CAP heat pump keeping Total Capacity even at extremely cold ambient, for both retrofit and new builds.

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A heat pump turns heat energy outside into warmth inside

Ensure the heating capacity is maintained even at low temperatures.

The entire Aquarea T-CAP lineup is excellent for replacing gas or oil boilers and for connecting to new underfloor heating, radiators or fan coil units. All Aquarea Heat Pumps can also be connected to a solar thermal or PV system in order to increase efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

Higher efficiency compared to other heating systems.

Panasonic heat pumps have a maximum COP of 4,85 at +7°C which makes them much more efficient than others heating systems.
T-CAP is also able to provide extremely high efficiencies, whatever the outside or the water temperature.


Fuel fired boiler

Gas boiler

T-CAP 9 kW at -7°C

T-CAP 9 kW at +7°C

1) Water at 35°C. 2) Water 55°C.

No need to oversize to reach required capacity at low temperatures.

Panasonic heat pumps can work in outdoor temperatures as low as -28°C and maintain capacity without backup heating at -20°C*. With other heat pumps, a larger capacity is required to achieve the same level of comfort at low temperatures.

* 35°C flow temperature.

Other Heat Pumps need electrical heater to cover the demand of the house

The capacity of other heat pumps needs to be higher than the Panasonic heat pumps

Panasonic Heat Pump does not need heater as the capacity is maintained. The capacity is stable even at -15°C, no need to oversize the heat pump
1. Capacity in kW
2. Other heat pump
3. Capacity needed to heat the house
4. Bad performance to big capacity
5. · High flexibility with Panasonic Inverter compressors
· High Performance even at part load

How Aquarea T-CAP maintains performance even at -20°C outdoors.

Thanks to effective refrigerant control via our unique dual-piped heat exchanger and bypass, Aquarea T-CAP provides stable heating even at -20°C.

Dual-piped heat exchanger.
Low pressure and low-temperature refrigerant in the inner pipe.

Aquarea Super Quiet T-CAP Bi-bloc

The special outdoor chassis notably reduces operation sound by up to 15dB*.

1) When comparing WH-UQ12HE8 at quiet mode level 3 operation with WH-UX12HE8 at full load operation. Heating capacity may drop.

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