Café 40 (Madrid)

New installation
System: ECOg 4u. outdoor (Natural Gas-operated motor VRF)
Installed capacity: 240 kW
Installation year: 2011

40 Café is the first café restaurant belonging to Los 40 Principales, in Spain's popular music radio station. The installation is within the basement of an old building in one of the busiest streets of Madrid. 40 Cafe, aims to become a new icon of nightlife in Madrid.

Challenge of the project
There were several challenges to implementing this project. The first was the power limitation in the building. Despite being in the Centre of Madrid, there was a restriction on power to run conventional HVAC installation. Another major challenge was the opening date. The tight deadline was a requirement to meet the demand of the owners. Outdoor units were installed at roof level with the help of a crane. Due to the limitations of restricting Street access and the imposition to residents of the building, the external installation was carried out in just one day available prior to opening.

The solution
ECOg, the gas powered VRF, was the ideal solution to overcome the power limitation of the area. The system combines seamlessly with Panasonic’s VRF indoor units and allows additional connection to a hydronic system. Panasonic pledged delivery of the units for the only day in which the crane could be used, in spite of the fact that the systems still had to be produced. The installation date was just 2 months after being awarded the project. This was all made possible thanks to the involvement of various departments as well as Senior Management, highlighting Panasonic’s commitment to meet customer needs.

A touch panel with PAIMS management (CZ-256ESMC2), was installed for centralized air conditioning system control, including PC software and web server interface.

ECOg (Gas Powered VRF) range

Outdoor Units
ECOg 2 Pipe: 1 x U-16GE2E5; 1 x U-20GE2E5; 2 x U-25GE2E5 Hydraulic Module: 1 x S-500WX2E5

Indoor Units:
Hi Static Pressure ME: 4 x S-224ME1E5; 1 x S-280ME1E5
Ducted standard MF: 1 x S-140MF1E5; 3 x S-160MF1E5; 1 x S-28MF1E5; 1 x S-73MF1E5; 1 x S-90MF1E5
Wall MK: 1 x S-36MK1E5
Control: Hard Wired Wall Controller: 14 x CZ-RTC2
Centralized Touch Screen: 2 x CZ-256ESMC2
Software PAIMS: 1 x CZ-CSWKC2