Panasonic Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump in Devon Home

This was the choice taken by a family from Devon who has recently installed an Aquarea 14kW High Connectivity Heat Pump with 300 litre water cylinder in her home.

Debra is certainly reaping the benefits of switching; “The Aquarea system allows us to control exactly how much energy we’re using over the course of 12 months. With our old oil based system we were totally at the mercy of the charges imposed by the energy supplier. We can now predict our energy costs as we can shop around for an energy supplier that can give us a good price for our electricity. The unit is so economical and is saving us between £600-£900 per year, just to do exactly what our old oil-fired system did before.”
Installation Data
Range: Aquarea
Product: High Performance
Quantity: 1

Range: Aquarea
Product: 300 litre
Water cylinder
Quantity: 1