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Excellent quality control established by a skilled factory team.

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Reliability is our main target and therefore we offer compressor warranties of 5 years, and 2 year warranties on other components!

· Reliable quality: Made in Japan
· 12 000 units sold and installed in 3 700 retail operations such as convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan*
· Excellent quality control established by skilled factory team
· The 5 year compressor warranty matches the products long lifespan

* As of 2022.

Panasonic’s combined technology of the 2-stage compressor with the split cycle

· Panasonic 2-stage rotary compressor delivering powerful performance for more than 20 years
· Split cycle* enhances cooling effect

* Available for 200VF5 and 1000VF8A models.
** In the case that the standard cycle with 1-stage rotary compressor was compared.

2-stage rotary compressor.
Split cycle.

Up to 50%** More efficient than Standard cycle.

Panasonic patented

Standard cycle.
Split cycle.

a. 1-stage compression. / b. Inter-cooler. / c. 2-stage compression. / d. Gas-cooler. / e. Split cycle heat exchanger. / f. EEV. / g. Evaporator.

Heat recovery function for heating

This function offers refrigeration combined with heating all in one system. The ground-breaking solution allows for increased opportunity to cut running costs by utilizing exhausted heat from refrigeration and transferring to the energy source for heating.

16,7kW* of hot water for free

* Under the condition: ambient temperature 32°C, evaporation temperature -10°C. 100% Partial load.

What is heat recovery function?
New solution example.
Heat recovery system can produce both heating and refrigeration.
a. DHW*. / b. Heating outdoor*. / c. Tank*. / d. Sub-tank*. / e. City water*. / f. Water heat exchanger*.
* Local supply.
** Controllers: PAW-CO2-PANEL or local supply.

New control panel and electric expansion valves

An intelligent controller has been redesigned with a compact chassis. This controller has the smart program especially for showcases and cold rooms.
Electric expansion valves (EEVs) are ready with 7 different sizes to meet precisely the field demand.

Intelligent controller with compact chassis.
· MPXPRO control fully pre-programmed for MT and LT on the same panel
· Compact structure size: 300 x 220 x 120mm
· Necessary cables, temperature and pressure probes as standard equipment
· Ultracap technology as standard equipment
· Smart defrost functions, advanced superheat control, light and showcase curtain management, etc

Electric expansion valves (EEVs) line-up.
· EEV´s E2V-CW with 3/8” ODF copper fittings for high pressure applications (CO2)
· Operation refrigerant temperature: -40 T 70°C
· Maximum operating pressure for all the models 03, 05, 09, 11, 14, 18, 24 (MOP) 140bar
· Maximum operating pressure difference for 03, 05, 09, 11, 14, 18, (MOPD) 120 bar and 24 (MOPD) 85bar

Modbus compatibility with monitoring system

Panasonic CO2 condensing unit CR Series can be supervised through major monitoring system such as CAREL, Eliwell and Danfoss. Monitoring systems ensure the recording, monitoring and reporting of temperature conditions of entire CO2 condensing units system.
Monitoring system.
Standard boss & boss-mini
AK-SM Series*
* M2M1-10 gateway (Model code: FDS021) is required in addition to the monitoring system. M2M1-10 gateway is a local supply.

New CO2 service checker

Supporting your technical tasks on the field, including commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Main features:
· Reading and recording variable technical parameters
· Main technical parameters available*: pressures, temperatures, opening of expansion valves, states of solenoid valves, rotational speeds of the gas-cooler fan motor, frequency and compressor’s current
· Setting change of operating values possible
· 2D graph visualization for the detailed analysis
· Monitoring an alarm status, for example the status of the compressor oil level

Panasonic will supply the DRX file where the Panasonic unit’s library is included with the acquisition of the CO2 service checker.

* Please check all the parameters available in the manual.

To use it, is necessary to download free Device Manager software from the Eliwell website:


Design support tool available in Panasonic PRO Club

Panasonic has launched a new online calculator to support engineers, installers, and technicians to quickly make calculations when specifying  solutions for commercial refrigeration systems. The calculator can be found on Panasonic’s PRO Club.

· Evaporation temperature selection
· Cooling capacity calculator
· Refrigerant pipe calculation
· Electronic expansion valves calculation
· Refrigerant amount calculation

Ready to works on all devices, computers, tablets and smartphones!!

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