Professional solutions for all types of projects

Your perfect Partner

Panasonic, your best partner with the knowledge and experience to achieve all your climate control objectives and green needs.

For all projects

For even the largest projects - there is no limit. Panasonic integrated technology ensures easy installation, high efficiency, energy saving and creates a better work environment.

Always supporting you

We can manage every stage of your project, from the design of the systems architecture to the project management, installation and service providers.

Panasonic is definitely the most efficient system throughout the years.

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Panasonic GHP/EHP Hybrid System. First intelligent technology.

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Your entire hotel with maximum savings, maximum control and maximum comfort.

New innovative solutions for retail. Heating and cooling solutions for retail applications.

Solutions for restaurants
Super high efficiency at part load conditions.

Panasonic VRF TOP comfort.

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Conecta al futuro.
Conectividad inteligente VRF.

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AC Smart Cloud ideal for control, maitenance and energy savings for one or multiple sites.

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Datanavi, a new way to connect.

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