The Panasonic CO2 Cold Chain Condenser units provided the perfect mobile refrigeration solution for cooling specialists, Greencold. A reliable, efficient and eco-friendly solution to cool and freeze a mobile trailer was required and where the Panasonic CO2 units have now been installed.

Simon Andrew, Director of Greencold commented “We had always wanted a large cold-room test facility in our premises to enable us to carry out product testing for our customers for both chill and freeze temperatures. However, due to limited space inside our workshop we decided that it would be a better idea to construct a mobile CO2 cooling system in a refrigerated box trailer. This could then be parked both on our premises and also taken to our customers site to test their products locally or demonstrate the technology. Panasonic worked with us to develop a perfect solution”.

The Panasonic CO2 units are compact, lightweight, have low noise levels (a range of 35.5 dB(A) to 36dB(A)) and designed to fit into smaller spaces with dimensions of (HWD) 930mm x 800mm x 350mm and weighs only 67kg.

The condensing units use a natural refrigerant that has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) equal to 1 as opposed to the current refrigerant typically used such as R404A having a GWP equal to 3,800. With refrigeration legislation increasing over the coming years, HFC R404A will be out of circulation by 2020.

Paul Taylor, UK Sales Manager for Panasonic UK further explains more about the benefits, “The Panasonic range has been specifically developed for small to medium capacity applications within the refrigerated retail and food service sectors. Furthermore, by combining reliability and efficiency with the natural refrigerant CO2, the range removes any risk of future costs associated with the F-Gas refrigerant phase out whilst also minimising energy use and operating costs.”

With the Panasonic CO2 units already having a proven track record for reliability and efficiency with a clever single two stage temperature compression condensing unit and of compact size, Simon Andrew went on to explain, “We were able to combine the Panasonic units with a suitable air cooler of sufficiently high working pressure from a cooler manufacturer, we knew we had a great solution”.

Greencold have also since identified their refrigerated trailer as an educational tool where they take it out to customers and prove the eco-friendly CO2 cooling system is nothing to be frightened about.

With changes to the F-Gas regulations coming into force, alongside reducing carbon emissions and energy costs becoming key drivers for change in refrigeration systems, both specifiers and end users are recognising the need to consider CO2 as a refrigerant.

Greencold have also identified a further revenue stream and use for the Panasonic CO2 trailer and set up a sister company called ‘QuickFreeze’, whereby they are successfully renting out the branded trailer to a variety of customers in the food manufacturing business for events and storage logistic sectors such as smaller catering, hotels and restaurants, corporate hospitality events, weddings, pop-up stalls and emergency back-up for food and medical pharmaceutical companies with refrigeration needs.

One recent use case was where QuickFreeze were contacted by a youth football club for a large team tournament event where the refrigerated trailer was required for a three-day event. The Trailer was parked in a convenient onsite location and placed next to a portacabin where food was being prepared.

Chris Terry, Team Chairman of FC Aztec Youth commented, “We commissioned Quickfreeze to set up the trailer for chilled conditions which enabled us to serve the food and replenish the stocks quickly, allowing us to store all our products in the vast amount of space and all kitted out with convenient shelving. The event ran trouble free for the whole of the tournament from Friday to Saturday evening and made our life a lot easier. The CO2 branding on the trailer also caused a few heads to turn and brought attention to the visiting public and showed the importance of green refrigerant technology”.

The Quickfreeze trailer is helping to avoid the logistical challenges faced when delivering refrigerated solutions in an articulated HGV lorry, which is not always convenient for many smaller drop-off locations.

The Panasonic CO2 units offer a practical and straightforward method of installation with complete design support available through the distributor network. The units are compact, lightweight and have very low noise levels.

Based on Panasonic monitored data, 16% energy savings for chilled refrigeration and 25% energy savings for lower temperature freezer applications have been achieved in comparison to R404A.*”

Simon Andrew further added “We are happy to be collaborating with Panasonic and assisting them in spreading the word about the benefits of CO2 and demonstrating its technology”.