Cascade Manager PAW-A2W-CMH-2

Cascade up to 10 Aquarea J or H Generation*

Provides Control for up to 160 kW or 10 Aquarea Heat Pumps

Manages the heat demand, balancing working hours.
· Touch display providing intuitive control
· Integration of photovoltaics (PV optimised algorithm)
· Can control 3-way valves for cooling (2 buffer tanks)
· Heating/Cooling 0-10 demand signal – controls target outlet temperature 
· DHW control 

· Energy meters compatibility
- Meters communication with Modbus RTU
- Pre-configuration of 4 market popular meters

· BMS integration. LAN-Port settings with fixed IP and DHCP 

· Optimised De-icing function

* Requires one PAW-AW-MBS-H per each Aquarea.