System Controller with Schedule timer.
Operation with various function from center station

Panasonic unveils state-of-the-art digital controller

Panasonic has launched its latest controller, an innovative and easy to use interface that offers full functionality with an integrated schedule timer and system controller, making managing heating and cooling systems easier than ever before. The CZ-64ESMC3 includes Panasonic’s popular schedule timer, which gives users full. Flexibility over when they want their property heated or cooled. Users can adjust the system for holidays, pausing operations for long periods of time so that energy isn’t wasted heating or cooling an empty home or office. The controller also allows six operations per day to be programmed.

Mix of current 2 controllers: System controller + Schedule timer.

  • New system controller will be designed by taking priority on these 2 operations with following technical key points:
  • Same operation feeling as new wired remote controller by touch-key panel
  • High visibility and usability by Full-dot LCD
  • Based on High wired remote controller
  • Maximum 64 group of indoor units, Individual control for 64 units
  • 4 zone control; 1 zone = Maximum 16 groups
  • Several energy saving function (based on CZ-RTC5A)
  • 6 timer program per day for 1 week (7 days) operation (Total 6 x 7= 42 programs)
  • Basic setting items (Temperature, Mode, Fan speed, Flap position) can be set by same manner as CZ-RTC5A

Function list.

From CZ-64ESMC2 System controller:
Central control / individual setting
  • Start-stop prohibition for remote controller
  • Start-stop / Mode change / Temperature setting prohibition for remote controller
  • Mode change / Temperature setting prohibition for remote controller
  • Mode change prohibition for remote controller
  • Select items for prohibition
Filter information
  • Filter sign
  • Filter sign reset
Ventilation setting
From CZ-ESWC2 Schedule timer:
Weekly Timer
  • Timer setting Enable / Disable
  • Copy of Timer setting
  • External signal (Start / Stop) (Demand control)
  • Centralized control master-slave setting
  • Alarm history
Initial setting
  • Clock
Energy-saving control
  • Econavi On/Off
Filter information
  • Filter sign and Hour counter display
  • Service contact
Initial setting
  • Clock display setting
  • Name Setting
  • Operation lock setting
  • Operation sound setting
  • LCD contrast setting
  • LCD backlight setting
  • Select displayed language (EN / FR / IT / ES / DE)
  • Administrator password
Setting information list
Sample display image / Operation status display
Operation Status ALL
Operation Status ZONE
Operation Status GROUP