Individual control systems

Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, the VRF system is applied separately to each room. So, this system is ideal for areas with fluctuation in traffic. Moreover, you can have precise control over each of the rooms to achieve exact conditions. Individual control makes this system more cost-effective and efficient.
Wired Remote Controller (CZ-RT1)
  • Remote controller with LCD and self-diagnosis
  • Constant monitoring of the system with fault detection
  • Weekly timer function
  • Maintenance time and cost reduction
Operating buttons
  • ON/OFF
  • Real time daily timer
  • Weekly timer: 6 actions per day (total 42 actions per week), including temperature setting.
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Adjusting air direction
  • Selection of operating mode
  • Fan speed control
  • Restart filter
  • Ventilation interlink
  • Operating mode
  • Centralised control indicator
  • Demand control indicator
  • Operation priority indicator
  • Selected temperature
  • Air direction
  • Clock
  • Day of the week indicator
  • Inspection/operating test
  • Fan speed
  • Filter maintenance
  • Defrost/hot start indicator
  • Error mode display
1. Weekly Timer
Weekly timer setting (each day of the week) is available to control the air conditioner. Max. 6 settings/day and 42 settings/week can be executed. The setting temperature can also be programmed for optimal comfort.

Examples of setting weekly timer
Shop with regular holidays

Example: Closed Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.

Mon-Fri On 9:00, Off 18:00
Sat On 9:00, Off 12:00
Sun Not set

The timer can have different settings for every day of the week.
The number of persons varies depending on time zones

Example: Set a lower temperature at lunch time when many people may visit.

On 12:00 23 °C
On 14:00 28 °C

In this case, the temperature can be set at the same time.
Not to forget to switch OFF

Example: To prevent forgetting to switch OFF weekdays

Off 20:00

The timer can be set for simple shut-off operation.
How to set
1 Select the day
2 Enter the time
* Simple Timer Mode
2. Ventilation Interlink
When an external device such as a ventilator is connected to the indoor unit, switch ON/OFF of the ventilator can be controlled by the wired remote control. Either link-ventilation or independent-ventilation is selectable.

Energy recovery ventilators are also offered by Panasonic.
Optional printed circuit board (Interface Adapter for External Signals: CZ-TA31P*) is needed.

A. Digital connection
Interface Adapter for External Signals (CZ-TA31P*)
  • By connecting to the indoor unit, a separately sold ventilator can be controlled.
  • Remote control operation of the indoor unit is enabled (ON/OFF control).
  • The operating condition of the indoor unit (malfunctions, operating status) can be externally output.
  • Control in linkage with a Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) or similar is possible.   
*CZ-TA31P NOT applicable for wall-mounted indoor unit.
Connection with External Central System
  • Remote ON/OFF
  • Remote /Local Selection
  • ON/OFF Monitor Signal
  • Malfunction Signal
  • Fan Operation Signal
B. Digital connection
C. Central control system (local supply)
Interlink with Ventilation or ERV
A. Digital connection
Wireless Remote Controller (CZ-RWS1 for Heat Pump Models / CZ-RWC1 for Cooling Only Models)
  • Remote controller with LCD and self-diagnosis
  • Error code recognition
  • Maintenance time and cost reduction
  • Real time daily timer

Operating buttons
  • ON/OFF
  • Activate/deactivate programmer
  • Real time daily timer
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Air direction
  • Operating mode
  • Fan speed control
  • Restart filter
  • Inspection of error code

  • Operating mode
  • Temperature selected
  • Air direction
  • Time programming
  • Error code display
  • Fan speed
  • Clock
Wireless Controller Receiver (CZ-RWRU1 for Cassette Type / CZ-RWRM1 for Duct Type)
Wireless receivers for wall-mounted and 60x60 Cassette types are equipped as standard.
Cooling/Heating Controller for the Outdoor Unit (CZ-RD1)
Enables the cooling, heating and ventilating operating mode for each outdoor unit. Allows the operating mode to be changed for several outdoor units at the same time by means of a single remote control.
Terminal Module (Equipped as Standard on the Outdoor Unit) (CZ-CAP1)
Control terminal to be connected with outside devices or CZ-RD1 controller.
  • Used to receive forced stop digital signal from local procured central control system.
  • Used to receive demand control signal from local procured central control system. (Demand control for energy saving with 3-level selection)
  • Required to connect with CZ-RD1 cooling/heating controller.
  • Group control of several FS Multi VRF systems for forced stop and CZ-RD1 cooling/heating controller.
1. When connecting forced stop input
A. Terminal module
B. Terminal block
C. Central control system (local supply) such as Fire Alarm device
2. When connecting demand controller
A. Terminal block
B. Demand controller
3. When using CZ-RD1 (cooling / heating selector)
A. Terminal block
4. Group connection
A. Further Outdoor unit system

*Not applicable for demand controller