Infrared remote controller

CZ-RWS3 + CZ-RWRU3: For 4 Way 90x90 Cassette. / CZ-RWS3: For Wall Mounted and 4 Way 60x60 (with CZ-KPY3AW).
CZ-RWS3 + CZ-RWRL3: For 2 Way Cassette. / CZ-RWS3 + CZ-RWRD3: For 1 Way Cassette.
CZ-RWS3 + CZ-RWRT3: For Ceiling. / CZ-RWS3 + CZ-RWRC3: For all indoor units.

CZ-RWS3 + CZ-RWRU3 // CZ-RWS3 // CZ-RWS3 + CZ-RWRL3 //
  • Easy installation for the 4 Way cassette type simply by replacing the corner part
  • 24 hour timer function
  • Remote controller by main remote controller and sub controller is possible (Max. 2 remote controllers (main remote controller and sub controller) can be installed for one indoor unit)

  • When CZ-RWS3 is used, infrared control becomes possible for all indoor units (1: when a separate receiver is set up in a different room, control from that room also becomes possible. 2: automatic operation by means of the emergency operation button is possible even when the remote controller has been lost or the batteries have been exhausted)
  • Operation of separate energy recovery ventilators (When commercial ventilation fans or heat-exchange ventilation fans have been installed, they can be operated with this remote controller (interlocked operation with the indoor unit or independent ventilation ON/OFF)