How to use my Aquarea 

Learn how to use and program your new Aquarea.

On this page, you will find useful information that will allow you to operate your Panasonic Aquarea system to provide heating, cooling & hot water in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Control Panel Function. Panasonic Controller 

The Monobloc controller will be sited within the property. On the All In One & Bi-Bloc models, the controller can be found on the front of the indoor unit, or removed and sited within the property separate from the indoor unit.  

Remote Controller buttons and display

1. Quick Menu Button: (For more details, refer to the separate Quick Menu Guide.)

2. Back button: Returns to the previous screen

3. LCD Display

4. Main Menu button: For function setup

5. ON/OFF button: Starts/Stops operation

6. Operation indicator: Illuminates during operation, blinks during an alarm.

Cross key buttons. Selects an item:

A. Enter button: Fixes the selected content

B. Up

C. Left

D. Right

E. Down

Press centre / No glove / No pen


Remote Controller buttons and display

A. Mode selection







7. COOL*

8. Room operation / Tank operation.

9. Device operation.

* The system is locked to operate without COOL mode. It can be unlocked only by authorised installers or our authorised service partners. Only displayed when COOL mode is unlocked (This means when COOL mode is available).


B. Operations icons

The status of the operation is displayed. These icons will not display (under operation OFF screen) whenever the operation is OFF except the weekly timer.

1. Holiday operation status

2. Quiet operation status

3. Zone: Room Thermostat. Internal sensor status

4. Room Heater status

5. Weekly Timer operation status

6. Powerful operation status

7. Tank Heater status

8. Demand Control or SG ready or SHP status

9. Solar status

10. Bivalent status (Boiler)


C. Temperature of each zone

D. Time and Day

E. Water tank temperature

F. Outdoor temperature

G. Sensor type/Set temperature type icons:

1. Water Temperature. Compensation curve.

2. Room Thermostat. External

3. Water Temperature. Direct

4. Room Thermostat - Internal to the main controller

5. Pool only

6. Room Thermistor - optional accessory