New Heat Recovery box to connect multiple indoor units with  just one box, 4, 6 and up to 8 indoor units or groups

This is good advantage specially in hotels applications, where space for connecting severa boxes is limited.
x 4 ports.
x 6 ports.
x 8 ports.
Panasonic new boxes advantages
Flexible Design
  • Connection tube for main refrigerant circuit line comes on both side of the unit
  • Can connect consecutive boxes, one side another
  • High 200 mm high
  • Quick indoor changeover
  • Low noise
  1. To Outdoor Unit
  2. A View
  3. 3-Pipe control PCB included
  4. 8 connection port type (indoor unit side)
  5. Control line wire terminal block
  6. Power supply terminal block
Interface relay terminal included (to be mounted on indoor unit side)