Big PACi Elite R32

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20,00 – 25,00kW is ideally suited for small, mid retail applications.
In addition to its light net weight and compact body, split-able Hide Away design newly developed
enables easy piping work in narrow installation space.


Compacte &
lichtgewicht behuizing

Compacte en lichtgewicht behuizing is voorzien van een splitbaar ontwerp om leidingwerk in krappe ruimtes te vereenvoudigen. Het eenvoudig demontabele ontwerp vereenvoudigt onderhoud.


Eenvoudig leidingwerk met splitsbaar ontwerp van de Hide Away binnenunit

Onderdelen van de warmtewisselaar en ventilator (ventilator + behuizing) kunnen worden verwijderd tijdens de installatie. De Hide Away binnenunit is opnieuw ontworpen om eenvoudig in krappe ruimtes te passen.


Hoge externe statische druk, max 200 Pa*

Een maximale statische druk maakt het gebruik van lange kanalen mogelijk, wat de installatie geschikt maakt voor een breed scala aan ruimtes.

* S-250PE3E5B.


New Comfort Cloud control

Ready to control PACi systems with Panasonic Comfort Cloud App
in your smartphones.*

*New Panasonic WLAN adaptor CZ-CAPWFC1 is required.

Easy piping work with split-able Hide Away indoor design

Big PACi is useful and cost saving solution for small and mid size of projects, can be offered also with VRF system.
· 3 step static pressure set up
· Design flexibility thanks to large air volume
· Bluefin anti-rust coating
· PACi Water Heat Exchanger compatible*

1. Heat Exchanger
2. Fan + Casing

* Connection to the outdoor unit only.

Big PACi with R32 has been introduced with full renewal of its indoor unit,
offering hydronic application by PACi Water Heat Exchanger.

Easy Installation with Light Components

Indoor unit can easily be split into 3 components, the heaviest of which measures at 48kg.
Heat Exchanger
Fan Casin
Dimensions of Each Component (lightweight design for easy disassembly).
The weight is for S-200PE3E5B model.

Compact and light indoor body keeping high efficiency

15% lighter weight vs conventional model helps installation work drastically

Conventional model:
  • 20,00kW: 100kg
  • 25,00kW: 104kg
  • 20,00kW: 86kg
  • 25,00kW: 88kg
1. Previous model: 1 205mm
2. Depth was reduced by 230mm (976mm)

Maximum 200 Pa* static pressure setting

A maximum static pressure enables the use of long ducts for installation in a wide range of spaces.

3-step static pressure set up.
Selectable of Static Pressure modes can change 200 Pa /130 Pa / 75 Pa for extra installation flexibility.
Factory Setting

* In case of S-250PE3E5B.


PACi R32 Refrigerant Gas

Panasonic recommends R32 because it is comparably environmentally friendly. Compared to R22 and R410A, R32 has a very low potential impact on global warming. Panasonic is leading the switch to R32.

New Comfort Cloud control

New Panasonic CZ-CAPWFC1 interface adaptor, allows connection of one or a group of indoor units to be managed by the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App, which provides control, monitoring, scheduling and error alerts.

Download the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App and try a demo on App Store.
Download the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App and try a demo on Google play.

Panasonic AC Smart Cloud for professionals

With Panasonic AC Smart Cloud, have your business under control, and start saving! Flexible solution and scalable solution
· Energy saving
· Zero downtime
· Site(s) management

Datanavi, a new way to connect. Simple and easy support tool with your smartphone

Just holding up your smartphone to the LED display on a remote controller (CZ-RTC5B) to receive useful AC system information super fast by Panasonic Light ID Technology.
· Scan & Save AC system info
· Easy access to manual database
· Commissioning, F gas check data history

1. Panasonic unique Light ID technology
2. Panasonic Cloud Server