New Aquarea H Generation

The beauty of comfort
The new H Generation is being introduced from 3 to 16 kW.
Those small capacities are specially designed for low energy homes and achieve an impressive COP of 5 (on the 3,2 kW).
Thanks to the system’s high degree of technology and advanced control, it is able to maintain a high capacity and efficiency even at -7°C and -15°C. The Aquarea’s software is optimised to the requirements of low consumption homes in order to maximise energy efficiency. Whatever the weather, Aquarea can work even at -20°C. The compact design of the outdoor unit makes installation very easy.
For medium temperature applications
For low temperature applications

New Design

Nice improved design
White, squared design with no screws visible. Modern remote control can be moved
from the unit.
Installer Friendly
  • Controller is now located on front side
  • Easy access to parts and easy to install by having all pipings in a row
  • New remote control with full dotted wide screen and new functions (need optional PCB: CZ-NS4P)
Can connect additional room temperature sensor
Compact and free space
More value in 1 compact space:
  • Water filter (easy access & fast clip technology)
  • Stop valve included
  • Flow Sensor included
  • 3 way valve ready (optional CZ-NV1 in internal space)
Advanced Control
Ease of use
New remote control with full dotted 3,5’’ wide back light screen. Menu with 10 available languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, CZ, PL, SW, NO, DK) easy to use for installer and user.

Remote control can be relocated to any room.
Better Efficiency & Value
  • A++ for medium temperature applications (ErP 55°C)
  • A++ for low temperature applications (ErP 35°C)
  • 3 & 5kW meet Sep’19 ErP regulation as A+++
New Accessory
Optional PCB (CZ-NS4P)
With this new PCB you can also manage one or more functions like below: SG Ready, 0 — 10 V demand signal, 2-zones control function (pump + mixing valve), solar and external switch (Heat / Cool).
New Wifi connection for H Generation
Aquarea Smart Cloud, H Generation Internet control through Wifi or wired LAN.

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