Aquarea High Performance for new installations and  low consumption homes

Maximum savings, maximum efficiency, minimum CO2 emissions, minimum of space.
Panasonic has designed the new Aquarea Bi-Bloc, Mono-Bloc and All in One heat pumps for homes which have high performance requirements.
Whatever the weather, Aquarea can work even at -20°C! The New Aquarea is easy to install on new or existing installations, in all types of properties.
New High Performance helps you to meet strict building requirements and reduce building costs
The heating and production of hot water have a very important impact on the energy consumption of a house. Efficient Panasonic heat pumps can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the house.
Total energy consumption of a conventional house, compared to the energy consumption with Panasonic heat pumps

Graphic 1: Total energy consumption of a conventional house¹
Graphic 2: Energy consumption withPanasonic heat pumps²

1. Heating / 2. Sanitary Hot Water / 3. Domestic Appliances³ / 4. Savings

1. Source: IDEA, European values 2010. Consumption of a conventional house of 80 kWh/(m².year).
2. Source: Panasonic, RT2012 simulation, house of 50 kWh/(m².year) per year, equipped by Panasonic heat pump.
3. Eg. Fridge telephone, oven, ...
Key points of the line-up
New A class pump with Constant water flow (Dynamic pump control) for 5kW Mono-Bloc

Comparison of energy consumption - Standard pumps vs A class pump.
  • A Class pump adapts water pressure according to demand, reducing energy consumption, noise on the valves, and makes installation easy.
  • No Backup heater needed to maintain the capacity at -15°C, high efficiency guaranteed even at -15°C
  • Many new remote control functions added: Auto mode, holiday mode, show power consumption
A-Class pump significantly reduces the energy consumption

Equivalent to 100 €/year saving (based on German market: Assuming Standard pump may vary depending on consumption and energy cost).
High Performance Pumps are also Highly Efficient

At -15°C* / At -7°C* / At +2°C* / At +7°C*
1: COP / 2: Heating Capacity
* With heating water at 35°C
With a Panasonic heat pump, there is no need to over size the heat pump to reach the required capacity at low temperatures.
  • Dedicated software for low consumption houses which allows the heat pump to produce hot water at 20°C. This is needed during the seasons, when a little heating is required
  • No need for an additional expansion vessel, as the unit already has a 6l expansion vessel
  • No buffer tank required as the Panasonic heat pump has an inverter compressor which can regulate the capacity. (Please check on the service manual the minimum volume of water needed on the circuit)
  • 3kW electrical heater is included on the heat pump
  •  Panasonic heat pumps can work in outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C and guarantee the capacity without backup heating down to -15°C
  • Panasonic heat pumps are very quiet and have a night mode program for even lower noise. See noise calculator on

A: Capacity in kW
B: Outdoor temperature
C: Capacity is stable even at -15°C, no need to oversize the heat pump
D: High flexibility with Panasonic Inverter compressors / High performance even at part load
E: Capacity needed to heat the house
F: Panasonic heat pump does not need heater as the capacity is maintained
G: Capacity of other heat pumps need to be higher than the Panasonic heat pumps
H: Bad performance to big capacity
I: Other heat pump
J: Other Heat pumps needs electrical heater to cover the needs of the house
Special attention has been given to noise levels - Panasonic created a night mode to reduce the noise when it’s needed.
1. Sound pressure measured at 1 m from the outdoor unit and at 1,5 m height.
2. At standard condition working at heating capacity at +7°C with heating water at 35°C for two fans outdoor units. For one fan outdoor units, night mode reduction is 3dB(A).
A. Normal mode / B. Night mode² /  C. Noise level