Aquarea HT ideal for retrofit: green energy source works with existing radiators

Replace a traditional heating source (such as oil or gas) with Aquarea HT, but keep existing old style radiators for minimum disruption to the home. From 9 to 12kW. For a house with traditional high-temperature radiators (such as cast iron radiators), the Aquarea HT Solution is the most appropriate as the Aquarea HT provides output water temperatures of 65°C even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C. Aquarea HT is able to deliver hot water to 65°C with the Heat Pump alone.
Panasonic Aquarea HT is super efficient even at low temperature.
Heating Capacity of a 9 kW HT (WH-SHF09F3E5)
COP Coefficient of Performance
1. Heating capacity of a 9 kW HT / 2. Water 35 ºC / 3. Water 55 ºC / 4. Water 65 ºC

Panasonic Aquarea HT is super efficient even at low temperature

Aquarea HT: High savings and low CO2
The results of replacing traditional heating systems with Aquarea HT are clear: lowest running cost and lowest CO2 emissions. Panasonic heat pumps are much more efficient than gas boilers and help you to reach your house energy targets easier.

Yearly savings with Aquarea HT
Running Costs (for a 170 m² house and 40 W/m² energy losses in central Europe Conditions, outside minimum conditions -10°C).

1. Euro/Year / 2. Panasonic Heat Pump / 3. Oil / 4. Gas
Smart Bivalent operation
Thanks to Aquarea HPM (Heat Pump Manager), it is possible to combine different heat sources and use the most appropriate source, depending on user’s preferences. This smart control will decide which is the best source to use anytime.
Thus, if it is necessary to combine gas heater, oil with heat pump, Aquarea HPM is simply the best solution.
Heat Pump + Boiler Management with DHW with PAW-HPM12ZONELCD-U