New Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump

At the forefront of energy innovation, Aquarea is resolutely positioned as a “green” heating and air-conditioning system. Aquarea is part of a new generation of heating and air-conditioning systems that use a renewable, free energy source – the air – to heat or cool the home and to produce hot water. The Aquarea heat pump is a much more flexible and cost-effective alternative to a traditional fossil fuel boiler.
Why air source heat pumps?
    • Reduced heating bills and maintenance costs
    • Savings of up to Euro 1,100 a year are possible
    • Reduce your carbon footprint
    • Simple to integrate into most heating systems
    • Energy efficient alternative to oil, LPG and electric systems
    • Highly compatible with other energy efficient energy sources eg solar panels

    Air source heat pumps – Quick facts

    • Provides sustainable heating, cooling and hot water for your home
    • 30%-40% reduction in annual energy bills
    • Ideal for properties without access to mains gas
    • Operates even in freezing temperatures (-20 °C).
    • Externally positioned saving valuable internal living space
    • Proven technology from Panasonic and already well established in other EU countries
    Up to 78% energy savings*
    Panasonic’s Aquarea Heat Pump provides savings of up to 78% on heating expenses compared to electrical heaters. For example, the Aquarea 9 kW system has a COP of 4.74. This is 3.74 kW more than a conventional electrical heating system which has a maximum COP of 1. This is equivalent to a 78% saving. Consumption can be further reduced by connecting photovoltaic solar panels to the Aquarea system.

    * Up to 78% of the heat produced by a heat pump is free, since it comes from the outdoor air. Rating conditions: Heating: Inside air temperature: 20 °C Dry Bulb / Outside air temperature: 7 °C Dry Bulb / 6 °C Wet Bulb. Conditions: Water input temperature: 30 °C Water output temperature: 35 °C

    A: Gas boiler or Oil Boiler B: Electrical Heating
    Power input / energy consumption
    Power output / heating capacity (kW)
    Inverter+ compressor for even greater efficiency
    Panasonic has clearly demonstrated it status as lead in this field with over 200 million compressors supplied and the excellent quality and reliability of its heat pumps. With a Panasonic Inverter+ compressor, you can save up to 30% energy compared to a traditional system with no inverter. With a Panasonic Inverter compressor, the heat pump is always producing heat with the maximum of efficiency and adapting the capacity to the element.

    The advantages of inverter heat pumps
    Comparing Inverter and non-Inverter heat pumps.

    NO INVERTER (black truck) 
    Slow to start. Takes longer to reach the temperature set point. The temperature oscillates between the two extremes and never stabilises. The temperature falls and then rises quickly, leading to a consumption peak.

    INVERTER (green car)
    Rapidly reaches the desired temperature. Adjusts the temperature: more comfort and greater savings. Keeps the temperature comfortable all the time.

    A: Heat in the living room (uncomfortable) B: Comfort the living room (comfortable) C: Cold in the living room (uncomfortable)