R32 Aquarea J Generation

Much more than just R32 Aquarea J Generation.

Available in 3/5/7/9kW All in One and Bi-bloc.

1. Higher efficiency.

Space Heating efficiency up to 5,33 COP
A+++ Energy Class, in Low temperature (in scale from A+++ to D from 26th Sep 2019)
Domestic Hot Water 3,3 COP (3 and 5 kW)

2. More flexibility in design.

60°C water temperature.
Piping length improved: 7/9kW: 50/30m - 3/5kW: 25/20m.
Chiller function cooling down to 10°C outdoor temperature.

3. New smart functions.

SG ready / PV function for cooling.
Utility remote bivalent control: By dry contacts*.
Stop external device when defrost by Dry contact (for Fan Coil fan stop)*.

* Can not be used at same time.

4. More comfort.

Better comfort in extreme low temperature: Heating curve can be set up down to -20°C.
Efficient or comfort mode for DHW: Part load for better efficiency or full load to reduce the heat up time.
DHW two sensor position selectable for All in One: Efficient position (best DHW COP) or bigger volume of hot water.
Other improvements: More silent outdoor units / Magnet filter for water cycle.
Keeping Aquarea essence.
• Free space on the top of All in One
• A+++ Ready
• Service Cloud by accessory

R32 Refrigerant: A ‘small’ change that changes everything

Panasonic recommends R32 because it is comparably environmentally friendly. Compared to R22 and R410A, R32 has a very low potential impact on the depletion of ozone layer and global warming.
In line with the European Countries who are concerned in protecting and maintaining the environment by participating in the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer and prevent Global Warming, Panasonic is leading the switch to R32.

1. Installation innovation.

Extremely easy to install, practically the same as R410A. (Just remember to verify that the pressure gauge and vacuum pump are compatible with R32).
This refrigerant is 100% pure, which makes it easier to recycle and reuse.

2. Environmental innovation.

Zero impact on the ozone layer.
75% less impact on global warming.

3. Economic and energy consumption innovation.

Lower cost and greater savings.
Higher energy efficiency than R410A.