2.Top efficiency and comfort

Remarkable improvement on key components: extraordinary energy-saving performance and redesigned for smooth and better air discharge.

A. Improvements on refrigerant circuit

Redesigned components in the body provide performance improvement especially in the rated cooling condition and AEER performance.

New oil returning circuit with control valve makes efficient oil recovery to compressor.

Oil separator
Modified tank design makes efficient oil separation with less pressure drop.
B. Smooth exhaust flow by new bell-mouth

The new curved shape with integrated top and bottom assure smooth exhaust flow.
This gives more air-volume with same sound level, less input power at same air volume.
C. Combined 3 surface heat exchanger

The highly efficient piping pattern increases heat exchange performance by 5%.
The new heat exchanger features a 3 surface construction.
Compared to the divided dual-surface construction in current models, there is no divided space and the face area of heat exchanger becomes larger.
Extraordinary partial load and SEER/SCOP
Efficiency in VRF systems. The only way to compare so far, was the nominal efficiency at outdoor ambient temperature of 35°C (EER) in Cooling and at 7°C in heating (COP). With new EN-14825 seasonal efficiency will be shown, the result will be SEER and SCOP. New ECOi EX is reaching excellent performance without using any additional saving functions.
Oil Recovery Intelligent Control
The Panasonic system efficiently manages oil recovery in three stages; minimising the frequency of forced oil recovery while reducing energy cost and maintaining comfort.
TOP comfort
Variable Evaporation Temperature (VET). Air discharge temperature sensor advantages. Econavi sensor. Extremely low noise level. Newly designed fan (Optimised air flow)