VRF Smart Connectivity.
The future of Control.

Through thorough energy management, Panasonic’s VRF Smart Connectivity is a completely new, state-of-the-art solution providing energy saving and comfort as well as simple installation, operation and running.
Panasonic, passionately pursuing the ultimate in energy saving through the application of cutting-edge technology, and Schneider Electric, an advanced global energy management specialist offering innovative control systems. This collaboration has set the new standard for creating the next generation of contemporary buildings.

VRF Smart Connectivity Advantages

Easy Design and Plug and Play to Reduce CapEx.

- Simple Plug & Play VRF connection to Building Energy Management System (BEMS)
- Stand alone or BEMS connected
- Plug and play additional ZigBee sensors

Ultimate Customization.

- Background colour customisable
- Custom display/icons, messages
- Programmable logic (also stand alone)

Dramatic Reduction of OpEx with Outstanding IAQ.

- 2 Built in sensors: Temperature and RH
- ZigBee wireless sensors: CO2, window/door, human presence.


- Colour touch screen
- Ease and simply of use
- 6 Languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Polish)
- Easy to understand error description
A remote controller is all that’s required for occupancy control and optimum automatic indoor air quality (IAQ) control. Simple operation with a rented interface further contributes to increased energy efficiency and productivity for reduced capital expenditure (CapEx) and operating expense (OpEx).
Extremely simple Plug and Play connection to a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is possible. Compared to the current VRF systems and chillers of other companies, connection is smooth and stress-free, so there’s considerably less burden on the system integrator.

What is VRF connectivity?

Stand alone Smart Connection
VRF Smart connectivity connects Panasonic ECOi and PACi indoor units by wired or wireless connection.

Stand alone Smart Connection
VRF Smart connectivity connects Panasonic ECOi and PACi indoor units by wired connection.

Wired Solution
1. Ceiling motion sensor
2. Wall motion temperature sensor
3. Window / Door sensor
4. CO2 sensors
5. Panasonic serial link + DC power for VRF Smart RC
6. R1 / R2 Terminal
7. Panasonic specific VRF PBC board to accommodate serial link
8. Panasonic Specific VRF Wireless Card
9. DC24V power supply required

Sensing Technology
The wireless solution using sensors born from the collaboration between Panasonic and Schneider Electric enables easy installation in existing and old buildings in which wiring is difficult (installation in a wired environment is also possible). The result is high-quality occupancy control and automatic IAQ control. The sensors detect the presence or absence of occupants, and the opening and closing of doors and windows to achieve efficient energy management for exceptional air-conditioned comfort. Flexible installation is possible to match different applications and building features such as walls, ceilings and closeness to doors and windows. No wiring means extra installation versatility. Batteries last for up to five years and are easy to install and replace.
1. Window contact sensor (option)
2. Ceiling-mounted motion sensor (option)
3. Door contact sensor (Option)
4. CO2 sensor (option)
5. Wall-mounted motion sensor (option)
6. Room controller
7. Built in PIR and humidity sensors

Door/window contact

Ceiling motion sensor


CO2 Sensor

BEMS Smart Connection

The Smarter solution to simplify energy management, optimize building efficiency and drive savings.
Plug and Play BEMS connection.
With Plug and Play, connection to a BEMS is extremely easy. Better still, a remote controller is all that’s needed to enable use as a stand-alone system. As well as dramatically reducing the burden on system integrators, this cuts costs.
1. Ceiling motion
2. Wall motion temp. sensor
3. Window / Door sensor
4. CO2 sensor
5. Panasonic VRF & PACi: · PACi · Mini ECOi · ECOi · ECO G
6. AHU (VRF Operated)
7. BEMS Widget (Exclusive)
8. Wired connection
9. Multi-purpose Manager (MPM)
10. With VRF dedicated GUI
* Also available Modbus RTU.
A. SE8000 smart controller with direct hub to ZigBee® Pro sensors. Great Occupancy and IAQ control. Ex: Hotel room occupancy check by PIR sensor, IAQ by CO2 sensor, Door / Window contacts.

B. BACnet (BEMS open protocol) direct connection. Can be assigned a BACnet address by room scale.

C. For Schneider Electric BEMS connection, Panasonic VRF widgets enable easy Plug and Play. Better understanding for VRF as a chiller system.