Soluzioni integrate con tecnologia Schneider per semplificare la gestione energetica, ottimizzare l'efficienza degli edifici e generare risparmi.

Vantaggi delle soluzioni VRF Smart Connectivity

Drastica riduzione della spesa operativa (OpEx) con una migliore qualità dell’aria nell’ambiente (IAQ).
  • 3 sensori integrati: Temperatura, Umidità relativa e Movimento;
  • Sensori ZigBee wireless: CO2 / Temperatura / Umidità parete / soffitto, perdite d'acqua;
  • Relay Pack, Controllo per camere d'Hotel.
Facilità di impiego.
  • Touch screen a colori;
  • Facile da utilizzare;
  • 22 Lingue;
  • Descrizione codici di errore.
Gestione personalizzata.
  • Colore background;
  • Display/icone, messaggi;
  • Logica programmabile (anche stand alone);
  • Controlli.
Progettazione semplificata e funzionalità Plug and Play per ridurre le spese per capitale (CapEx)
  • Connessione semplificata Plug & Play del sistema VRF al dispositivo di Building Energy Management System (BEMS);
  • Connessione a dispositivo Stand alone o BEMS;
  • Installazione semplificata dei Sensori ZigBee.

VRF Smart Connectivity+: Nuovo SE8000.


Controllo della qualità dell'aria
Il controllo della qualità dell'aria nell'ambiente IAQ è realizzato mediante i sensori CO2 e dell'umidità. Il comfort interno è garantito, mentre i costi di riscaldamento e raffrescamento sono ottimizzati.
Il sensore CO2 monitora i sistemi di ventilazione in modo da migliorare la qualità dell'aria.


Room Key Card or Key Cardless Solutions for Hotels
Solutions are provided that meet the needs of various regions and hotel grades.
Whilst the previous model’s automatic detection function offered optimal air conditioning with or without a hotel room key card, the latest model enables conventional key cards to control air conditioners and other devices coordinately. The increase in the types of devices that can be connected enables customized control of any hotel room.


Other Equipment Control
One room controller manages various devices including lighting and the blinds.
A ventilation system and other external connection devices (Dry Contact input) can be connected by HRC or TE2 devices so that various control is possible with this controller alone, even without BEMS.

Energy Management System for Rooms

By installing a wall/ceiling motion temperature sensor, window/door sensor, and CO2 sensor in the room, ideal, waste-free air conditioning is achieved.

  1. VRF or Paci
  2. Wall/Ceiling motion/temperature/humidity Sensor
  3. Door/Window sensor
  4. CO2 /temperature/humidity sensor
  5. Water leakage sensor
  6. Relay Pack (TE2)
  7. Wired Connection
  8. Hotel Room Controller (HRC)
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Sensing & Control technology

Using sensors from Schneider Electric, high-quality occupancy control and automatic IAQ control were realised. The sensors detect the presence or absence of occupants, and the opening and closing of doors and windows to achieve the most efficient energy management for exceptional air-conditioned comfort.
Flexible installation is possible to match different applications and building features such as walls, ceilings and proximity to doors and windows. No wiring means extra installation versatility.

Batteries last for up to five years (10-year battery for CO2 sensor) and are easy to install and replace.

  1. Window sensor (option)
  2. Room controller
  3. Ceiling motion sensor (option)
  4. Door sensor (option)
  5. CO2 sensor (option)
  6. Water leakage sensor (option)
  7. Built in PIR, Humidity

Door/Window sensor

Door and window contact detection sensor to monitor opening and closing.

Wall/Ceiling motion/temperature/humidity Sensor

Wall and ceiling sensor to detect the presence or absence of occupants.

CO2 /temperature/humidity sensor

Monitor indoor air quality, review data on interfacing devices, and control fresh air inside customizable zones.

Water leakage sensor

Two sensing pads under the body activate when water is present between the two pads. Detecting the water, the sensor reports the event to the controller.

Relay Pack (TE2)

Wireless programmable terminal equipment controllers for HVAC equipment and pulse counting. Includes local memory to store fail safe control sequence.

Hotel Room Controller (HRC)

The Hotel Room Controller controls connected guest room devices and aggregates data, making it visible to guest room and property management systems.

Management System for the Entire Building

The smarter solution to simplify energy management, optimise building efficiency and drive savings.

Plug and Play BEMS connection

With the SE8000, connection to BEMS is extremely easy. Better still, a remote controller is all that’s needed to enable use as a stand-alone system. In addition to dramatically reducing the burden on system integrators, this cuts costs.
1. PACi or Panasonic VRF (VRF / GHP)
2. AHU (VRF Operated)
3. Room controller
4. BEMS Gateway (MPM)
5. Hotel Room Controller (HRC)
6. Relay Pack (TE2)
7. With VRF dedicated GUI

A. SE8000 smart controller with direct hub to ZigBee® Pro sensors.
Great Occupancy and IAQ control.
Ex: Hotel room occupancy check by PIR sensor, IAQ by CO2 sensor, Door / Window contacts.
A.1. Wall/Ceiling motion/temperature/humidity sensor
A.2. Door/Window sensor
A.3. CO2 /temperature/humidity sensor
A.4. Water leakage sensor

B. BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU are embedded.

C. For Schneider Electric BEMS connection, Panasonic VRF widgets enable easy Plug and Play.
Better understanding for VRF as a chiller system.
C.1. BEMS Widget (Exclusive)
* Graphic shows combination of products from Panasonic, Schneider Electric and others. Please consult authorised dealer for more details.



Room Key Card or Key Cardless Solutions for Hotels.


Small and medium offices

CO2 sensors (option) and Humidity sensors.


Super markets

Humidity sensors.
The SE8000 and ZigBee Sensor automatic detection function offer optimal air conditioning regardless of whether there is a hotel room key or not. Sensors detect the presence or absence of occupants and the opening and closing of doors and windows for the optimum air-conditioned environment guests expect. Automatic control ensures the most efficient operation when guests are away or when windows are open. This contributes to an appreciable reduction in operation costs.
CO2 sensors (option) take measurements in units of ppm, and humidity sensors enable fine air quality control. This creates the most comfortable space for occupants while contributing to improved employee satisfaction.
Humidity sensors enable automatic dehumidification for the optimum IAQ regardless of climatic conditions. This creates an even more comfortable environment for customers, employees, and products themselves.

Innovative and unrivalled advantages

Colour and design to match office interiors.
Colour combinations and design can be set to match different facilities.

Easy-to-understand error description.
Error description during an emergency is easy to understand, enabling staff to respond quickly.

Customisation in 22 languages possible.
The display can be customised to match the native languages of guests to enable smooth, stress-free communication for hospitality at its finest.

Programmable logic.
Full customisation of remote controller logic possible, and updating to match conditions.