Panasonic total air conditioning management system. P-AIMS Basic software (CZ-CSWKC2)

Up to 1024 indoor units can be controlled by one PC.

Functions of basic software
  • Standard remote control for all indoor units.
  • Many timer schedule programs can be set on the calender.
  • Detailed information display for alarms.
  • CSV file output with alarm history, operating status.
  • Automatic data backup to HDD.

With 4 upgrade packages the basic software can be upgraded to suit individual requirements.
P-AIMS is suitable for large shopping centers and universities with many areas/ buildings. 1 “P-AIMS” PC can have 4 independent systems at once.
Each system can have max. 8 C/A units, and control max. 512 units. In total, 1024 indoor units can be controlled by 1 “P-AIMS” PC.
PC Environment:
XP Professional
CPU: Pentium 2.8 GHz or over
Memory: 2 GB or over
HDD: 100 GB or over
  • Wiring length (PC~C/A) Maximum 1 km
  • Maximum 8 C/A for 1 system
  • Wiring length for each link from C/A Maximum 1 km
A. User PC
B. USB line
C. Converter (Field supply) RS485 (Polarized)
E. Building A
F. Building D
P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWAC2 for Load distribution
Load distribution calculation for each tenant
  • Air-conditioner load distribution ratio is calculated for each unit (tenant) with used energy consumption data (m³, kWh).
  • Calculated data is stored as a CSV type file.
  • Data from the last 365 days is stored.

P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWWC2 for Web application
Web access & control from remote station
  • Accessing P-AIMS software from remote PC.
  • You can monitor/operate ECOi 6N system by using Web browser (Internet Explorer).

P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWGC2 for Object layout display
Whole system can be controlled visually
  • Operating status monitor is available on the layout display.
  • Object’s layout and indoor unit’s location can be checked at once.
  • Each unit can be controlled by virtual remote controller on the display.
  • Maximum 4 layout screens are shown at once.

P-AIMS optional software CZ-CSWBC2 for BACnet software interface
Connectable to BMS system
  • Can communicate with other equipment by BACnet protocol.
  • ECOi 6N system can be controlled by both BMS and P-AIMS.
  • Maximum 255 indoor units can be connected to 1 PC (that has P-AIMS basic & BACnet software).