NEW Mini ECOi LE Series for Light Commercial & Residential use

The most flexible VRF system ever. Meeting the needs of light commercial applications.

Advantages of Mini ECOi LE Series used for medium sized buildings.
1. Efficiency energy control
Upgraded outdoor units deliver high efficiency rating and reduced energy costs.
2. Space saving
Ideal for commercial locations with limited space such as banks and shops.
Compact units integrate easily and discreetly into building design.
3. Flexible installation
Reduced installation time thanks to compact units and extra long piping without additional refrigeration charge. High external static pressure 35Pa and small chassis increase installation options.
New compact design: LE2 Series - 4 / 5 / 6HP
  • Extraordinary energy saving: 7,85 SEER and 4,87 SCOP (4HP)*
  • 50 m piping length without additional refrigerant charge
  • Quiet operation mode with 4 levels
  • High COP mode option
* INDUSTRY LEADING EFFICIENCY. SEER/SCOP is calculated based on the seasonal space cooling/heating efficiency “η” values of the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/2281. SEER, SCOP = (η + Correction) × PEF.
LE1 Series - 8 / 10HP
  • 60 % smaller than ECOi ME2 8 / 10 HP with vertical flow type
  • Flexible piping length (Total : 300m, Furthest : 150m)
  • Maximum number of connectable indoor units: 15
Key features for LE1 / LE2
High external static pressure 35Pa
Full range of ECOi indoor units and controllers
Variable evaporation temperature control as standard
Connectable maximum indoor / outdoor capacity ratio up to 130%
Auto restart from outdoor units
Demand response (Peak cut) by optional parts
Suitable for R22 renewable projects

Energy saving design

The new Mini ECOi LE Series with extraordinary energy performance. LE Series has been redesigned with a focus on energy saving performance, reliable quality and comfort.
Powerful heat exchanger. 3 layers of heat exchanger for all LE series. LE Series features the same heat exchange volume as conventional model even though it is 15% smaller in size.
Panasonic twin Rotary Compressor. A large capacity inverter compressor has been adopted. This new compressor features wider and 0,1Hz step inverter control.
New design fan. Fan braves have been redesigned to inhibit air resistence and to increase efficiency. The larger fan increases air volume while maintaining low noise levels.
Superior seasonal energy efficiency
Superior energy efficiency.
The operation efficiency has been improved using highly efficient R410A refrigerant, a DC Inverter compressor, the DC motor and a heat exchanger design.
Cooling and Heating design operation conditions
Wide operating range (LE2 / LE1).
Cooling operation is possible from -10°C DB to +46°C DB.
Heating operation is possible as low as -20°C WB.
Maximum comfort with quiet operation mode
  • Quiet operation mode reduces outdoor unit operating sound by 7dB(A)
  • 4-step set point is available
  • Silent mode 1 maintains rated cooling capacity
Silent mode options: Sound pressure level
Silent mode 1: -1,5dB(A)
Silent mode 2: -3dB(A)
Silent mode 3: -5dB(A)
Silent mode 4: -7dB(A)
* Timer setting of quiet operation mode is available in High-spec remote controller.
Bluefin condenser: High durability outdoor unit (LE2 / LE1)
The anti-corrosion Bluefin treatment of the heat exchanger provides greater resistance against corrosion. All models are equipped with Bluefin condenser and treated with high corrosion resistance to rust and salty air for long-lasting performance.
Heat exchanger (Bluefin condenser)

Space saving

  • Compact space-saving design
  • High external static pressure 35Pa
  • Long piping length for flexible installation
  • No refrigeration charge up to 50m
  • 130% ratio for connectable indoor capacity units
Compact design
LE2 lower height of 996mm.
Perfect for installations with limited space and easy to hide within a modern building. Flexible space-saving options compared to single split system.
High external static pressure 35Pa
  • High air pressure
  • New blade shape
  • Good for high class condominiums
When unit is installed on a narrow balcony and exposed to the sun, the barrier at the front side would restrict hot air from being discharged. Heat accumulated in an enclosure can cause over-heating. This could potentially result in damage or shorten the product’s life span. A high external static pressure sends the air further away from the outdoor unit and through the barrier. This provides better air circulation and distribution.
And a high air pressure of 35Pa discharges the hot air a sufficient distance.
A. Previous Model - Low Pressure
B. LE Series - High Pressure
C. Heat Accumulated When the pressure is low, hot air will accumulate in the unit thus affecting its work performance and that of unit above it as well.
D. Heat Discharged But with a high pressure of 35Pa, hot air is sent further away preventing overheating inside the outdoor unit enclosure.

Flexible installation

Long piping length for greater design flexibility
Flexible & easy installation
The large piping length allowed between indoor and outdoor brings excellent flexibility for projects. Total piping length reach up to 300m of maximum total piping length and 180m in the 1 fan outdoor unit. Maximum high difference is up to 50m if outdoor from the top and maximum connectable indoor units per each outdoor goes from 6 to 15 depending on the outdoor.