PACi Standard and Elite: indoor units

4-Way 60x60 Cassette

Lighter and slimmer, easier installation
Lightweight and very slim which makes installation possible even in narrow ceilings.
A drain height of approx. 850 mm from the ceiling surface
The drain height can be increased by approx. 350 mm over the conventional value by using a high-lift drain pump, and long horizontal piping is possible.
Significant reduction of power consumption by using highly developed DC fan motors with variable speed, special heat exchangers, etc.
Convenient cleaning. The flap can be removed easily for washing.
Wall Mounted
The unit’s compact design and flat face ensure discreet installation, even in a small space. 

Washable front panel.
The indoor unit’s front panel can be easily removed and washed for trouble-free cleaning.
Closed discharge port
When the unit is turned off, the flap closes completely to prevent dust getting into the unit and to keep the equipment clean. 
Quiet operation
These units are among the quietest in the industry, making them ideal for hotels and hospitals.
Smooth and durable design
The sleek, compact design ensures a discreet installation - even where space is limited.
Piping outlet in three directions
With three options for pipe outlets - rear, right and left - installation is made easy. 
Air distribution is altered depending on the operational mode of the unit. 


Heating: F1 to F5
Cooling: F1 to F3
Low Static Pressure Hide Away (PN Type)
Ultra-slim profile: 250 mm height for all models. 

Discharge air temperature control 
  • Possible to reduce cold drafts at heating operation. 

Cold Drafts Reduction at Heating
  • Accurate temperature measurement by E1/E2 sensor to reduce cold drafts at heating.
Before spec-in, please consult with an authorized Panasonic dealer.

System Example
An inspection port (450 mm x 450 mm or more) is required at the control-box side of the indoor unit body. 

A: 250 mm 
B: Air intake sensor
C: E2 sensor
D: E1 sensor 
E: Rectangle duct
F: Canvas duct
G: Inspection port (450 x 450 mm or more)
H: Intake grille
Further comfort improvement
The wide air discharge opening expands the air flow to the left and the right.
The unpleasant feeling caused when the air flow directly hits the human body is prevented by the “Draft prevention position”, which changes the swing width, so that the degree of comfort is increased.

Further comfort improvement with airflow distribution

Air distribution is altered depending on the operational mode of the unit 

Heating: F1 to F5
Cooling: F1 to F3
High Static Pressure Hide Away (PF Type) 
The static pressure outside the unit can be increased up to 150 Pa.

Type: 60 kW Standard: 70 Pa / 71 kW Standard: 70 Pa / 100 kW Standard: 100 Pa / 125 kW Standard: 100 Pa / 140 kW Standard: 100 Pa Type: 60 kW Max. available setting: 150 Pa / 71 kW Max. available setting: 150 Pa / 100 kW Max. available setting: 150 Pa / 125 kW Max. available setting: 150 Pa / 140 kW Max. available setting: 150 Pa 

More powerful drain pump
Using a high-lift drain pump, drain piping can be elevated up to 785 mm from the base of the unit.

Air inlet
The unit features air inlet on one side, air outlet on the other side. The air inlet filter can be pulled out from the side of the unit and can be folded. Easy access if through the maintenance opening.
When air inlet duct (field supplied) is connected on suction side, remove the filter, frame and insulation materials on both sides of the unit. Connect the duct on the suction side of the unit by using prepared holes on the unit.

Air outlet site
A rectangular duct flange for the air outlet is fitted as standard. Round outlet flange kits are available as an optional accessory kit.

Circle duct flange (option)
CZ-56DAF2 (2 SA outlet): 2 exits x Ø 200 mm
CZ-90DAF2 (3 SA outlet): 3 exits x Ø 200 mm
CZ-160DAF2 (4 SA outlet): 4 exits x Ø 200 mm

A: Standardized height of 290 mm for all models Height standardization enables easy and uniform installation for models with different capacities.
B: Built-in Drain pump (DC motor pump)
C: External electrical equipment box makes maintenance easy P-link PCB
D: - Built-in filter - Side removable filter

E: Standard. Round flange : CZ-160DAF2 ϕ200 outlet frange x 4 ports