New Aquarea Air to Water

3 Reasons why Aquarea is an ideal solution for your home

3 Reasons why Aquarea is an ideal solution for your home

1. Wide range to suit all homes

Aquarea is an innovative low-energy system, designed to provide ideal temperatures and hot water in the home, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. It is highly reliable thanks to the quality of all components, including the compressor, developed and manufactured by Panasonic.  With many units to choose from, the Aquarea Range offers a very wide choice to ensure the most appropriate choice for your home - whatever the size.
2. Heat Pump, 80% of energy for free

Based on Air to Water heat pump technology, Aquarea is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It captures heat energy from the ambient air and transfers it to heat the water needed to warm your home, for domestic hot water and even to cool the house if wished. In this way, up to 80% of the heat energy required is taken from the ambient air - even in extremely low temperatures.
3. Helps you to save money

Energy cost savings of up to 1100€ a year are possible compared to conventional electric heating. Whilst initial investment may be higher than other technologies, running costs are far cheaper and with a short payback period on initial cost. Savings are significant particularly when compared to oil-fired boilers and electric heaters.
Comparative scheme

A. Oil / Gas boiler
B. Electrical heating

C. Running costs during 15 years
D. Investment costs

Energy consumption comparison

Up to 80%* energy savings with Aquarea

A. Oil / Gas boiler
B. Electrical heating
C. 0,8kW Power Input Free Energy
D. Heat
E. Power Input / Energy Consumption
F. Power Output / Heating Capacity

* Rating conditions: Heating: Inside air temperature: 20°C Dry Bulb / Outside air temperature: 7°C Dry Bulb / 6°C Wet Bulb. Conditions : Water input temperature: 30°C Water output temperature: 35°C