Industrial VRF systems: Professional solutions for all types of projects

ECOi VRF Sistemleri

ECOi electrical VRF is specifically designed for the most demanding offices and big buildings.

ECO G VRF Sistemleri

ECO G gas VRF is specially designed for buildings where the electricity is restricted or CO2 emissions must be reduced.

Havalandırma VRF Sistemleri

Increase the efficiency with the use of AHU ventilation, a wide range of air curtains and Energy Recovery Ventilators.

Industrial VRF Benefits

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Panasonic, your best partner with the knowledge and experience to achieve all your climatization objectives and green needs.

For all project type

Doesn’t matter how large is your project. The Panasonic integrated technology allows better work, easy installation, high efficiency performance and energy saving.

Sizi her zaman destekler

Sistem mimarisinin tasarımından proje yönetimi, kurulum ve servis tedarikçilerine kadar projenizin her aşamasını yönetebiliriz.