Dean's College Hotel

Budapest. Hungary


VRF-rendszer, SzÁllodÁk

Kültéri egységek: 1pc of U-6LE1E8, 1 pc of U-8LE1E8, 1 pcs of U-8ME2E8, 4 pcs of U-10ME2E8, 4 pcs U-12ME2E8, 1 pcs U-16ME2E8, 4 pcs of U-18ME2E8
Beltéri egységek: 163 pcs of S-15MM1E5A, 2 pcs of S-22MM1E5A, 252 pcs of S-15MK2E5A
Vezérlés: 422 pcs of SER-8150R0B0B1194, 422 pcs of SED-WDC-G-5045, 422 pcs of VCM8000V5094P

Dean’s College Hotel is the first top-class student house and hotel, offering high quality accommodation for international and Hungarian students, and also for urban explorers. The development was the first large-scale, privately owned, purpose-built student residence in Hungary, with 418 en-suite rooms. The site was first developed as the Laboratory Precision Engineering Works’ in the 1950’s.


The building was ready when we had to implement the air conditioner system without making any changes in the building's structure. Panasonic - Schneider Electric solution won because of the wireless communication protocol between the indoor units and the controllers including the window contact sensors.

Alkalmazott megoldások és technológia


Főbb műszaki jellemzők

Schneider Electric controllers
Compact size of outdoor units
Sound level of indoor units

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