AC Smart Cloud 

Take the control of your business and optimise heating and cooling operation

More than a Centralized control

Using CAC Smart Cloud there are not restrictions of single centralized control device. Allowing the access from different areas in your building and even giving access from remote locations.

More than BMS

Unlike typical BMS, there is full control of the heating and cooling system and its internal parameters. Operation cost can be improved with e-cut function* which are 5 advanced energy saving settings. It expands the possibilities of optimize the comfort and operation cost.

AC Smart Cloud. Flexibility that grows with you

Flexibility / Growing with you / License base on location (not user). Scalable solution

Great advantages for one single site installation but even better for multi sites, the solution is adapting to your grow with just limited initial investment per site

Free license User management

You decide who is having access to what and what actions each profile can do. Define profiles and assign to multiple users without additional fees.

Empower your maintenance

You know who is the best that can take care of your HVAC installations in each of your sites. Empower each of them giving access to AC Service Cloud, professional heating and cooling portal to your installations. Select which level of access you allow them to have.

Key functions and uniqueness

Multi site monitoring

  • It doesn’t matter how many sites you have, easy to manage, operate, compare sites, locations, rooms.

Powerful statistics for energy savings

  • Power consumption, capacity, efficiency level can be compared with different parameters (Yearly / monthly / weekly / daily bases)

Schedule setting

  • Yearly / weekly / holiday timer setting as you want

Maintenance notification

  • Error notification by email and with floor layout
  • Maintenance notification of ECOi / ECO G outdoor units
  • Remote service checker function

AC Smart Cloud.

Scalable Controller from Single Site to Multi Site

Not only control single site as a central controller, AC Smart Cloud offers you an excellent tool for Multi site management.  

Single site

A. Users and profiles

  • Customised roles: Define different roles that can be assigned to different users. Allow different level of control to each role.
  • Unlimited users. Create as many users as necessary and assign the appropriate role. 
  • Zones assignment. Assign the users to a group of unit that are allowed to manage. This can be a part of building or even an individual unit.

B. Your maintenance partner

  • AC Service Cloud is a high class maintenance portal to empower maintenance to fix any issue quicker than ever.
  • Give Access to your heating and cooling maintenance trusted partner to AC Service Cloud.

Multi sites

A. Users and profiles

The flexibility of defining profiles and assign users to different sites.

B. Your maintenance partner

You might have different maintenance partners depending on the regions, sites,… Give Access to your preferred maintenance partner for each site to AC Service Cloud for highest class service.

Special features highlight

e-CUT Advance energy saving functions

e-CUT functions are available in Panasonic AC Smart Cloud.

5 energy saving settings reduces automatically its energy consumption.

1. Set temperature auto return.

When you want to return to the set temperature after a certain time even if the temperature is changed.

2. Unattendted auto shut off.

When you want to operate outside of a schedule but to monitor and stop automatically.

3. Set temperature range limit.

When you want to limit the temperatures that can be set.

4. Energy saving timer / efficient operation setting.

Specify time slots when you want operation capacity reduced.

5. Demand / peak shaving settings/ peak cut settings.

Specify time slots when you want operation capacity of the outdoor units reduced.


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