Aquarea commercial solutions for best savings

Solutions for best savings. Efficient Panasonic heat pumps can help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of your business.

Panasonic Aquarea Heat Pumps offer space saving, energy-efficient heating and can be easily adapted for installation in flats, houses and commercial premises. Businesses producing heating, cooling and big quantities of hot water at 65°C, such as restaurants or supermarkets, installing an Aquarea Heat Pump system can also use this wasted heat to improve energy efficiency further.
Heat pump technology is scalable, meaning that it can be installed in buildings of varying sizes, offering both small and large-scale heating solutions. The technology is also environmentally friendly when compared to traditional heating systems alternatives based on fossil fuel energy and in addition it is more energy efficient.
Key points:
· Efficient hot water production
· Fast return of investment
· Easy control
· Easy integration in the existing water system: fan coils, floor heating, domestic hot water tanks, etc
· Very good part load management
· High efficiency

Restaurant with Aquarea

Supermarket with Aquarea

Aquarea T-CAP.
16kW heat pumps on cascade mode.
T-CAP line-up is an ideal replacement for old gas/oil boilers.

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High efficiency Aquarea T-CAP hydromodule.
Indoor unit of Aquarea Bi-bloc systems. When a Mono-bloc system is used, the hydromodule is integrated in the outdoor unit.

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Super high efficiency Tanks.
Combining Panasonic Aquarea with a high efficiency tank ensures the desired volume of hot water, at the correct temperature while reduced energy costs.

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Buffer Tank.
Panasonic Aquarea can be combined with the hydraulic elements of the new or existing water system.

Air Curtain with water Coil.
Water coil air curtains can be used in the hydraulic system to have efficient performance of the water system.

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Fan coils for heating and cooling.
Aquarea heat pumps can be easily connected to the existing water system: 2 way and 4 way fan coils, floor heating, DHW tanks…

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Cascade manager.
The Cascade manager enables the control of up to 10 Aquarea heat pumps (balancing the working hours and making the operation more efficient) and up to 2 buffer tanks.

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BMS integration.
The cascade system can be easily in integrated in a Modbus project thanks to the Cascade manager.

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Burger & Lobster restaurant. Bath, UK.

Panasonic’s air-to-water Aquarea system has been installed in the latest glamorous Burger & Lobster restaurant in Bath. The Octagon Chapel, a large listed building in the city centre, was converted to accommodate the restaurant, and Panasonic’s Aquarea system provided an extensive, energy efficient and unobtrusive heating and cooling solution.

Carluccio’s restaurant. UK.

One of UK’s leading Italian restaurant, Carluccio’s, wanted to install a system which would provide the desired volume of hot water, at the correct temperature while at the same time reduced energy costs.
FWP installed a 12 kW Aquarea T-CAP mono bloc unit which would allow for the free air from the kitchen roof space to be transferred through condensing unit providing hot water at the optimum temperature.