Aquarea Smart Cloud for J and H Generation

For total comfort and real savings at home, choose the Aquarea J and H Generation and Aquarea Smart Cloud

The most advanced heating control for today and for the future
Easy and powerful energy management
The Aquarea Smart Cloud is much more than a simple thermostat for switching a heating device on or off. It is a powerful and intuitive service for remotely controlling the full range of heating and hot water functions, including monitoring energy consumption.


New functions

· Energy savings and comfort from anywhere
· Internet connection with router Wifi or wired LAN
· Easy to adjust temperature up to 2 different zones and DHW
· Easy to use weekly timer by zone and DHW
· Holiday mode activation
· Intuitive and powerful energy statistics by day/week/month
· Compatibility with J and H Generation Aquarea system

Easy and powerful energy management and remote maintenance works
The new Aquarea Smart Cloud CZ-TAW1 is much more than a simple way to control your heating system via the internet. It is a way to enhance your Aquarea, making it even smarter to maximise your comfort and minimise your energy bills and CO2 emissions.

The CZ-TAW1 platform will incorporate more functions to convert Aquarea into the most efficient system within your home, while making installer maintenance works simpler. Control your comfort and efficiency with the lowest energy consumption.
What is Aquarea Smart Cloud?
Its a Panasonic owned and operated service to enable remote access to the new Aquarea data and functions.


Energy savings, comfort and control from anywhere. Increase efficiency and resources management, operating costs savings and owner satisfaction.
Throughout 2018 Panasonic will add new services to the Aquarea Smart Cloud focused on enabling full remote maintenance of the Aquarea system. This will allow maintenance specialists to engage in predictive maintenance and system fine-tuning, as well as fixing malfunctions when they occur.

How it works?
Connect Aquarea J and H Generation system to the cloud using Wifi or a wired LAN Network.
User connects to the Cloud portal to remotely operate all unit functions and can also permit partners to access customised functions for remote maintenance and monitoring.

1. Aquarea J and H Generation
2. In-house internet connection with router Wifi or wired LAN
3. Get a Panasonic ID in
End User management and energy control:
- Visualization & Control
- Scheduling
- Energy Statistics
- Malfunction notification

Advanced functions for remote maintenance with professional screens:
- Monitoring
- Control
- Statistics (exportable)
- Failure Prediction
- Remote Service
- Advanced remote maintenance with your selected maintenance company or installer
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Műszaki adatok
Smart Cloud kompatibilitás: Aquarea H-generáció
Csatlakozási pont: CN-CNT Aquarea port (csak a H-generációban)
Otthoni router kapcsolat: Wifi vagy vezetékes LAN
Hőmérséklet szenzor: a vezérlő szenzor használható
Tablettel vagy PC böngészővel kompatibilis*

Be/Ki — vezérlőről irányítható  — Otthoni hőmérséklet beállítás — Használati melegvíz beállítás — Hibakódok ­— Időzítés
Fűtési területek: maximum 2 zóna
Fogyasztás becslés ­— Működési naplóelőzmények

* Ellenőrizze a böngészők kompatibilitását.
1. LAN  /  2. Aquarea kapcsolat CN-CNT-vel

Weitere Steuer- und Regelmöglichkeiten
Other connectivity system for H Generation
Aquarea Smart Cloud for remote control and maintenance through wireless or wired LAN.

KNX interface.
Modbus interface.

Connectivity system for G and F Generations


KNX interface.
Modbus interface.
IntesisHome interface with temperature sensor accessory.