Aquarea Service Cloud for Installers / Maintenance

Real, remote maintenance - made simple

Aquarea Service Cloud allows installers to remotely access their customers’ heating systems. Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing response times, thereby saving time and money.

Advanced functions for remote maintenance with professional screens:
· Global view at a glance
· Error log history
· Full unit information
· Statistics always available
· Most settings available" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture

Installer friendly platform

Installers need to register to gain remote access to the Aquarea Service Cloud platform. They will then have a new and easy way to save time and to quickly resolve issues.
Home page.
See all users’ connected status at a glance. Two options: map view / list view.
Status tag.
Current status of unit with a maximum 71 parameters.
Des statistiques.
Tableaux de statistiques personnalisables avec un maximum de 73 paramètres. Accessibles à tout moment, avec les informations des 7 derniers jours.
Des paramètres
Tous les paramètres du système, de l’utilisateur et de l’installateur contrôlables à distance.

No restrictions: Installer can be freely selected by the End-User

End users can freely select the installer/maintenance partner they want to have access to the system. End user will nominate their installer and provide their email address for them to register and then connect to Aquarea Smart Cloud. Additionally, the end user can choose one of the 4 access levels for partner: Full Access, Monitor and Control, Monitor Only or On Request. In non Full Access mode, the installer will use Service Cloud to request temporary full access to user when required. See the advantages for user with Aquarea Smart Cloud.

Connexion de l'unité destinée à l'installateur et à la maintenance.

Le processus peut être engagé soit par l’utilisateur final, soit par l’installateur. Chaque fois que l’utilisateur final sélectionne ou modifie une fonctionnalité, l’installateur accède à un niveau de contrôle et de maintenance (4 niveaux). L'initiateur du processus aura besoin de l'adresse mail de l'autre personne. 

Enregistrement installateur : 
Enregistrement utilisateur final :
1. End user / 2. Log-in Aquarea Smart Cloud / 3. Fill application form for Aquarea Service Cloud / 4. Automatic email / 5. Installer / 6. Click link in email / 7. Accept / 8. Register end user request / a. Initiator End user or Installer / b. Acceptance / c. Activated

Activation Aquarea Service Cloud. Requirements

Hardware and connection:
J and H Generation Aquarea connected to CZ-TAW1
End user registration:
Get Panasonic ID
Installer / maintenance registration:
Get Service ID
Hardware and connection:
In house internet connection with Wireless LAN or Wired LAN
End user registration:
Aquarea Smart Cloud
Installer / maintenance registration:
Aquarea Service Cloud