Help Maintain Your Aquarea Heat Pump for Free this Winter with Panasonic Service+


Panasonic is running a limited-time offer for those who sign up to Aquarea Service+ before 30th November - get three months free with code 3FREE – pay nothing until 2024.

With winter approaching and energy costs on the rise, it is a crucial time for heat pumps to be working as efficiently as possible. Panasonic, a global leader in innovative heating and cooling solutions, is pleased to introduce its Panasonic Aquarea Service+ programme, tailored to help homeowners maintain the performance and lifetime of their Aquarea heat pump system.

To keep heat pumps performing at their optimum efficiency, it is key to keep them regularly serviced and maintained. Servicing your heat pump is not only crucial for better efficiency, enhanced system performance, and energy saving, but it can also increase the lifetime of the system. An annual 12-month service is part of the warranty to help maintain your heat pump - keep your initial investment safer for longer by signing up to the Panasonic Aquarea Service+ programme and receive the first three months free with code 3FREE.

Panasonic Aquarea Service+ helps ensure customers can access skilful maintenance and servicing from their heating engineer. “We understand the importance of maintaining your heating system, its durability and energy efficiency. Just as you would trust the experts who manufactured your car to maintain its performance, we, as pioneers in heat pump technology, are here to guarantee that your investment continues to provide comfort and sustainability,” says Vincent Mahoney, Ireland National Manager for Panasonic Heating and Cooling.

There are three Service+ packages available; Aquarea Service Comfort, Aquarea Service Smart and Aquarea Service Premium. These offer options to suit all Panasonic customers’ needs and budgets. Users will have 24-hour access to the system with remote assistance and customised system reports providing top tips and advice, plus an annual onsite maintenance visit by Panasonic Service+ technicians, and much more. Thanks to remote monitoring, your heating specialist can take care of everything without having bother or interrupt you or your busy schedule.

Sign up to the Panasonic Service+ packages before 30th November and receive three months free with code 3FREE.

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