Panasonic Aquarea Cascade Control Provides Control for up to 10 Air Source Heat Pumps


• Designed for small hotels, supermarkets, restaurants etc, for central heating projects
• Large, easy to use touch screen display
• Built in MODBUS IP for remote access for off-site management

UK, 22 June 2020 - Premises across the world require efficient heating and cooling systems with the capability for remote monitoring, control and maintenance in a variety of applications. For Panasonic systems, Aquarea Cascade Control is a highly integrated interface which allows for establishments such as supermarkets, hospitals, care homes and hotels to control up to ten Aquarea Air Source Heat Pumps to deliver and remotely manage the demands for energy-efficient heating and cooling across their organisations.

Panasonic’s Aquarea Cascade Control (PAW-A2W-CMH) has a large, easy to use touch screen display and provides control for up to 10 Aquarea air-to-water heat pumps, connected at any one time, to run simultaneously or in cascade mode and creating a system with capacity up to 160kW. The Aquarea Cascade Controller can also connect to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and 3 way valves for cooling, ideally suited for commercial and hospitality applications with additional means of energy sourcing which require specific solutions or programmes, yet can all be managed using one device.

With its own built in MODBUS IP, the Aquarea Cascade Controller integrates with the building’s BMS communication and can have up to 3 M-BUS devices connected for a smarter way to manage heating, cooling, and domestic hot water (DHW). Logging, analysing, optimising and controlling energy, as well as processing data, can all be accessed via the single control interface. Remote access for off-site management at any time of the day could not be easier, helping to prevent any disruption to the building’s inhabitants and allowing business to continue as usual by connecting the control to BMS.

For many projects: energy, cost, and time efficiency is key to creating a more sustainable building and reducing heating and cooling costs. Cascade Control is being increasingly utilised across many sectors to make use of parallel-connected heat pumps and the benefit of remote access for management and maintenance resulting in multiple savings. An example is a recent project in the UK – a healthcare facility where six highly efficient Panasonic Aquarea H Series T-Cap 16kW Air to Water heat pumps, along with a Panasonic Cascade Controller, have been installed to provide underfloor heating to 2022m2 of floor space within the building. This brand new €10m modern facility houses 15 in-patient rooms with en-suite facilities for those with life limiting conditions, several treatment rooms for out-patient clinics and multidisciplinary specialist services. The Care Home is benefitting from the Aquarea Cascade Control which modulates the air source heat pumps to meet demand and further save on energy usage.