Panasonic Heating and Cooling Focusses on Comfort and Refrigeration at EuroShop


February 6, 2020 – Panasonic will be exhibiting its successful heating and cooling solutions at EuroShop 2020, the world’s largest trade fair for retail investment requirements, taking place 16 – 20 February in Düsseldorf, Germany. Located in the Retail Technology zone in Hall 6 / H58 and in the Refrigeration & Energy Management area in Hall 16 / E32, Panasonic will be highlighting its wide range of efficient solutions such as the innovative CO2 Cold Chain Condensing Units, R32 PACi range, and reliable VRF systems, amongst others.

Dedicated to the decarbonisation of society and with a forward-thinking, sustainable approach to creating a ‘A Better Life, A Better World’, Panasonic has designed its CO2 Cold Chain Condensing range as an innovative, ‘green’, and highly efficient cooling solution. Ideal for hospitality and commercial spaces, the solutions work especially well for both refrigerated and freezer showcases, as well as walk-in freezers and cold rooms. The units can also be used for hot water production for cooking or washing dishes – the perfect solution for restaurants. Hot water can be produced by utilising waste heat from the cooling operation as renewable energy, as a result, 16.7kW of hot water can be produced for free.

Making its debut at EuroShop is Panasonic’s new and simple CO2 Refrigeration Designer for calculation, designed to support engineers, installers, and technicians to quickly make calculations when specifying solutions for commercial refrigeration systems.

Additionally, Panasonic will also be showcasing its other solutions suitable for the market at EuroShop, such as the commercial R32 PACi range. Thanks to a higher energy efficiency performance of up to 10% with R32, it’s the perfect solution for business owners looking to make the switch. Further contributing to a ‘green’ future, the series offers a reduced amount of HFC refrigeration compared to conventional R410 models and the range itself offers a wide choice in capacities, reaching up to 25kW with the compact unit.

Another highlight of the booth will be the Panasonic VRF systems, offering advanced heating and cooling for even the largest projects. The booth will include the Mini ECOi series, which deliver a powerful performance for properties with limited outdoor space and boasts significant energy savings, easy installation and high efficiency. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, and retail applications, Panasonic’s integrated technology ensures easy installation, high efficiency, energy saving and creates a better work environment.

To discover the latest news about Panasonic’s solutions, visit and stop by the Panasonic Heating and Cooling stand located in Hall 6 / H58 and Hall 16 / E32 at EuroShop 2020.