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ECOi. Electrical VRF ECO G. Gas Powered VRF
2-Pipe Mini ECOi LZ2 · R32 2-Pipe Mini ECOi LE2 / LE1 · R410A 2-Pipe ECOi EX 3-Pipe ECOi EX 2-Pipe ECO G GE3 3-Pipe ECO G GF3
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Capacity range
4 - 10 HP 4 - 10 HP 8 - 80 HP 8 - 48 HP 16 - 60 HP 16 - 25 HP
Extreme temperatures operation
-20 °C (H) / 52 °C (C) -20 °C (H) / 46 °C (C) -25 °C (H) / 52 °C (C) -20 °C (H) / 52 °C (C) -21 °C (H) / 43 °C (C) -21 °C (H) / 43 °C (C)
Vidaus blokų kiekis
15 15 64 52 64 24
Simultaneity ratio
50 ~ 150 % 50 ~ 130 % 200 % 150 % 50 ~ 200 % 1) 50 ~ 200 % 1)
Other ranges integration
PACi full control integration + Domestic integration by accessory
Hydronic Solutions Compatibility
- - WHE Hydrokit / PRO HT Tank WHE -

1) 50 ~ 200 % only when one outdoor unit is installed. In other cases 50 ~ 130 %.

GHP/EHP Hybrid System

Taking advantage of Gas and Electricity to achieve better energy saving ever.

Extended lifespan with intelligent energy management. The goal is for the EHP and GHP to work at optimal speeds.

Low energy cost.

Low emissions.

2-Pipe Hybrid GHP/EHP

Hybrid GHP: 20 HP

Hybrid EHP: 10 HP

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U2 Type 4 Way 90x90 Cassette

From 2,2 to 16,0kW

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Y3 Type 4 Way 60x60 Cassette

From 1,5 to 5,6kW

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2 Way

L1 Type 2 Way Cassette

From 2,2 to 7,3kW

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1 Way

D1 Type 1 Way Cassette

From 2,8 to 7,3kW

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Variable Static

F2 Type Variable Static Pressure Hide Away

From 1,5 to 16,0kW

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Slim Variable Static

M1 Type Slim Variable Static Pressure Hide Away Concealed Duct

From 1,5 to 5,6kW

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High Static

E2 Type High Static Pressure Hide Away

22,4 and 28,0kW

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Heat Recovery DX Coil

Heat Recovery With DX Coil

From 3,0 to 14,0kW

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T2 Type Ceiling

From 3,6 to 14,0kW

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Grindų blokas

G1 Type Floor Console

Elite 2,2 to 5,6kW

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Wall Mounted

K2 Type Wall Mounted

From 1,5 to 10,6kW

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Floor Standing

P1 Type Floor Standing

From 2,2 to 7,1kW

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Concealed Floor Standing

R1 Type Concealed Floor Standing

From 2,2 to 7,1kW

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Ventilation Solutions


AHU connection kit

3 types of AHU connection kit: Advanced, Medium and Light

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Air Curtain DX Coil

Air curtain with DX coil

HS and LS models compatible with R32 or R410A outdoor units. From 7,1 to 25,0kW

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Energy Recovery Ventilation

Energy recovery ventilation

From 250 to 1.000m³/h

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Hydronic Solutions

VRF PRO-HT Tank Series

VRF PRO-HT Tank Series

Big volume and high temperature tank for commercial application.

Maximum water outlet temperature 65 °C without boosters

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Hydrokit for ECOi

Hydrokit for ECOi

This Hidrokit module provides hot-water by using waste heat that is recovered from standard air-conditioning indoor unit in cooling mode

Maximum hot water outlet temperature: 45 °C

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